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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Motorola V3m handset is a non ruim based cdma phone, in which memory card feature is also available in it. This handset is the folding one with beautiful sparkle body and look. Its original firmware is based on verizon. The Motorola RAZR V3m offers the ultimate combination of brains, beauty and best of all - your favorite tunes! Motorola’s thinnest multimedia phone for the CDMA network, the RAZR V3m is a beauty captured in refined metal housing and a sculpted clamshell shape, accompanied by a sophisticated set of multimedia functions. Offering a large color screen and EVDO technology, the Motorola RAZR V3m is the ideal way to keep connected and entertained on the move – complete with integrated music player*, Over the Air (OTA) music downloading* and up to 1GB of removable memory. Fusing the best in multimedia, design and power, the Motorola RAZR V3m is the ultimate blend of style and function. To convert this handset into tata or ping non ruim, we have to first required its modem drivers that are attached here at below, After installing its drivers, it will make its modem driver and check the port it has make in its modem driver properties. Then it needs Rsd lite 3.6 software through which it has to be flashed with unlock "ALTv3m" Motorola based firmware by saving its memory card option also, because we can also flash it with v3c file, but in that case handset memory card option gets damaged. When we will install rsd lite and will open the software, then handset will install more drivers also like motorola accesory drivers, test command drivers and its all esn no. will get read in the software and will be connected by using usb motorola v3 cable. After flash, its spc code will alos get 000000. This handset's esn no. get remain same as of the handset after flashing the firmware also, But the file you have to use should be tested one that me have it, it is .shx file. After flashing, just write ping prl file or tata prl file of which network you want, then just get imsi no. and feed in it by using qpst software or cdma workshop. For accessing motorola more original firmwares and unlock one, just visit

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