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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


My friends, here is now me with All chinese and original mp4 repairing software solutions of their respective firmwares installed in them. First of all we have to exactly identify the mp4 player that for which player, particularly its firmware have to be installed in them. So, for that you have to first open the software file named "bootmode.exe", there, all mp4 pics are placed in it, just first match your mp4 video player OR MP5 video player with the pictures given in it, remember you have to only match their buttons or speaker positions, it does not matter whether it is absolutely similar or not, it should be some similar of like that. Then, in images they have also marked then indicators from which we have to put the mp4 player in boot mode by pressing in same instructions by attaching cable with pc, and if the players get detected in it, it means it have chances to be repaired easily. For eg. take image no.3, in that with red lines it has been indicated that press upper and lower button together to put this player in boot mode, like if player is getting blinking or only its green light getting on. After that when it asks for drivers to be installed for attaching with computer, then open the folder named "mp4 drivers tested" in that, after mp4 is fully detected in it, and make its drive, then the last work is to find its original firmware files and just copy and paste in it. So for that we have to first disassemble the body of mp4 player, then we have to find the exact numbers on RAM IC OR any other ics in it. Then open the software named " mp4mp5firmwares.exe" in that all firmwares ic numbers given in it, just match mp4 ic no. with that software given in it. then just click it, and it will open the download files window in new internet explorer, just copy and paste all files that it downloads. It has alot of firmware file collections in that links. And your mp4 , mp5 gets ok working condition. For any more assistance, contact me, here is the direct link for download whole.

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