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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


MX-KEY device is one of the best device shaped like pen drive used with ufs box, jaf box or any other fbus rj45 boxes or interface not individualy. In this device, there are 1000 credits free of cost i.e. 10 credits = 1 rpl file used for dct4 rpl imei no. ????? corrupted, but the thing to be keep in mind, that handset should not switch off automatically after 20 seconds, because imei no. get ok in those sets if its UEM IC has imei no. rpl data saved in it, if not then its not possible. After that sim get accepted by the handset but its not neccessary that 20 seconds switching off mobile problem get also solved or not, but credits get used by it, so its upon your own risk. First of all plug in device in usb port then install all its drivers and then register dongle id no. with your valid email address online on the internet and you will also recieve the password for log into the server when you need to write rpl file on the phone. After registration, all boxes or other interfaces of fbus or usb port get connected in mx key tool. Files for flashing handsets are same as of ufs hwk. In mx key tool , there is NOKIA SERVICE TOOL, by which we can flash dct3, dct4, dct4 plus and all bb5 handsets by selecting their product code, and can also select automaticaly version of that particular handsets or can select manually also. It do in speed than ufs box. We can all connect jaf interface box in this mx key. It has good backup options for rpl data of any bb5 handset, it automatically saves its rpl file. It can also solve the contact service problems in these type of handsets without using credits. It has also siemens tool for unlocking or flashing complete. We can also flash cdma handset like nokia 1255, 1325 in it because it has also ccs tool for it. And also keep updating device online, as it keeps on adding new features from time to time. Here is the link of mxkey tool pic

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