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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Nokia 1650 handset is a good come handset after a long time-period of nokia 1100, 1110, 1600. Its one of my favourite , cheap and best handset with fm radio also in beautiful colors. This handset also very much suits for ladies also. Its cream color body with red color glass combination makes its more good looking. Well Its repair is also cheap, like its lcd or other spare parts. If by chance this set gets some damaged by the reason of water or any other liquid, its more sensitive parts are of its display jeck, leds and charging side, and ringer problem. So first of all we would discuss its led problem if not coming. It has two leds on below side of keypad of white color emitting and the rest of leds are in its lcd itself. First of all we have to check its display lcd, change it , if still not come its light, then we have to check its tracks first. It has four main tracks of that two leds, very first track of first led i.e. on left side, it has positive supply in it that directly comes from its light ic via some small capacitors, check it will multimeter that track should not be opened, the other two tracks of first led right side and second led left side are joined together, this also check with multimeter, and then the last track of second led right side goes to the second pin of the right side from upper side of the display connector. And still after that if light not come, then just change the coil near light ic, or can also change the light ic. The other major fault generally comes is of charging, If handset not show any charging, then first check its capacitor fuse, and if on plugging charger it says not charging, then its shortcut is , just remove the small double black color resistance right side of the UEM IC, it will solve the problem definately, check that resistance supply should come from the middle pin of the battery connector, the resistance we have to remove of it. well keep commenting and visiting and spread its links all over too.

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