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Friday, September 4, 2009


Nokia 2112 handset is a good cdma handset supporting cricket net also. It has soft keypads and good look like nokia slim handsets. Basically its a non cdma from company i.e. of reliance company, but it could also be converted into all ruim working solution. But for that first of all, its need a ufs box, or jaf box, or any nokia flashing box, its rh is 57 and for flashing nokia 3100, 3105, 6100 cable can be used. Its pinouts are on the left side of the sim tray, but this handset mostly does not have sim tray in it, which we have to place it manually, and if its sim ic also not available, check it first by multimeter that on all pins voltage should come exactly. If sim ic is not available, then place new one, or just short the pins of left side of ic to another sides , three tracks as other gsm handsets have its jumpers. Then just select mcu file. ie. .nep and second file ppm i.e. .lfp, just press start flash and after complete 100% flashing, just put any cdma ruim in it, and it will work exactly, but one main precaution is to be taken that handset should not get hang. File should be all ok, if files are not ok, then set has also risk of getting dead. This handset has also dku-2 jeck, through which we can put earphone on it, or can feed ringtones through it. Its charging problem can also be soloved as commonly other gsm nokia handsets solutions are, like its fuse, or direct charging is also possible. It has also ringer ic in it, and can same be solved by replacing ringer ic in exact particular direction. And if it anyway got network problem , then just write good pm of it. it will work proper. It has also notcharing pm file too if set makes not charging on plugging charger to it. If need more detail then reply on yahoo.

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