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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today i am going to tell all detail, how to unlock samsung cdma F519 sliding handset with touch keypads. This is black body color handset and a very good looking with its soft touch keypad function in it. For unlock this handset to access all cdma network, we have first requirement is of its usb cable i.e. samsung d800 cable can also be used, when we attach to the handset with the computer, then it will ask for samsung drivers, then we can install its universal drivers that it will automacilly pick its modem usb drivers and will install it all and will make modem driver port that we can check in the properties of my computer, in hardware option, in device manager, there in modem option, open the samsung modem drivers properties, then go in advance port setting, there we can see which port it has make. Then secondly, we need its good pst tool to install, in which we will flash with its unlock file i.e. of anycall chinaunicom file.
Open this tool, but be aware that to run this tool you must first have to install microsoft office of any version becase some of it data base files it shares , and if you will not install , it will give a debugg database error and will close the tool. So after installing office in it, then open this tool and in sw option, two browsing options will come, and one of rebuild, we have to first browse the unlocking file in first option, second option remain untouch. Then just click the start download software button, it will automatically go in dm offline mode and will first erasing and then write the flash the file, will take around 10 minutes to complete the process. It has also rebuild button which we can use if we only want to reset or rebuild the handset efs items. This handset if dont detect or give an error in normal mode in flashing, then just put handset in emergency mode manually by pressing 9 key and power button, then select emergency mode also in the tool, then start the process, it will get ok.
After full flashing handset will restart and do some settings automatic in it. wait till it get completely on, its english language will convert to china, so go in settings and again change it to default english language. Now you can access all cdma ruim in it. Here is the tool pic, and file you can take from me directly.

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