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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Hi dear viewers, today i am going to dictate about vodafone handsets like 125, 225, 226, 227, 228 unlocking and flashing the corrupted firmware without using infinity box. Few months before there was no solution for vodafone software repair and unlocking except infinity box, in that also all models original firmwares were not updated. But now here is vodafone models unlocking available as mentioned above. Actualy this software is launched by sagem infineon unlock team, so it has also some sagem models unlocking also available like sagem 150x, 220x, 220v models. Well This tool has comports available in it, so it depends upon you that which interface you are using for it like usb to rj45 or infinity box or any other which makes a usb serial or profilic port, Then just select its port that it will make, baud rate remains as it is, and then choose model which you want to unlock or flash, then first we have to connect it by pressing the 'connect' button, it will say press and hold the power button, then just plug the cable and battery and try to press the power button, if all is ok, then it will display message loading and detected done. Then if we want to unlock any handset model avaialble in it, just press unlock button, it will automatically erase and flash unlock eeprom. we can also relock phone, it has option in it, but if we want to flash the handset like in blink problem or even in dead condition, and if the handset get connected as the procedure described above, then we can write new firmware in it in flash option, write firmware, when we press that button it will ask for the file to flash, then just choose the flash file as of the model and it will start erasing and writing new firmware automatic, and when it get complete, your handset will get ok, We can also repair its imei no. in it by using that option in any such condition. For more further assistance reply by comments pz. here is the tool or get it from my yahoo id

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