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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Blackberry to open set lock by code remote unlocking FIRST OPEN SIM SETTINGSTHEN PRESS " MPED "THEN SELECT SIM OPTION THEN PRESSED LEFT BOTTOM BUTTON WITH " MPE2 " THEN ENTER UNLOCK CODE IN IT, PHONE IS UNLOCKED But to take its code by imei no. , we have to get it with any registered server online alot of there. This process is now old for old handsets, and is running for new and latest handsets which cannot be unlock by flashing or furious gold box.

Well alot of blackbery models like 7XXX, 8XXX AND 9XXX are also unlocking by flashing with mfi files. This process is also easy if done by the proper way and guidance. I HAVE ALSO UNLOCKED BLACKBERY MODEL 7100R, 8110, ETC. BY MFI FLASHING. The process starts like this, first of all we need the particular model's firmware file which we have to unlock country lock, then we need complete setup of 718 mb in zip form, in which there is MML SETUP, which we have to install and it will make directory c:\mml\. Then we have also .netframework install on our system. Then we need one configuration file named "configuration.xml " which we have to replace it with the file made in c:\mml\configuration, this is done if you want to unlock handset without using internet.After that we need blackberry usb and modem drivers latest version i.e. 4.7. After installing all setups, then the data of 718 mb all mfi zip folders we have to extract it in one folder and have to be replaced it all folders like bin, config etc to the folder made in c;\mml\, because if we do not paste it all there, software will give an error after erasing that load mfi file not find on local hard drive. So remember it to do that in the same way as mentioned, Also install MFI LOADER SETUP, Through which we have to tick mark on erase and auto start options. and when all drivers will be install on it. it will automatically erase mfi and load its unlocked mfi file, After that on Handset NO. 1 WILL BE SHOWN AFTER PASSING FLASH. THEN WE HAVE TO TYPE THE WORD " S T A R T " TO COME OUT FROM DM MODE. THEN THERE WILL DISPLAY "NO APPLICATION DATA" ERROR, NOW HERE WE NEED HANDSET FIRMWARE APPLICATION FILE AND BLACKBERRY DESKTOP SOFTWARE , TO INSTALL ALL ITS ORIGINAL APPLICATIONS, AND THEN AT LAST AFTER ALL DONE ON HANDSET NETWORK WILL SHOW OFF, THEN GO IN NETWORK SETTINGS AND SELECT PROPER OPTIONS, AND NOW YOUR HANDSET IS READY TO USE ANY GSM RUIM IN IT. ONE MORE PRECAUTION WE HAVE TO TAKE IS TO DELTE VENDOR.XML FILE i.e. in c:\program files\common files\research in motion\apploader, after mfi flashing and before installing its firmware file. FOR MORE DETAILS CONTACT ON ID. HERE IS SOME DATA BELOW -

Friday, October 16, 2009


There are several range of usb wireless modems through which we can access internet with good speed and its portable, we can take it anywhere and can use anytime if u have unlimited plan in it. Data cards running in the market are reliance mg880, huawei ec220, ec321, ec325, tata 1080, tata photon etc. Well every data card has its own features and softwares to access internet. Well for using huawei ec325 modem, if u want to reliance ruim in it, then its not need to unlock the device, but if u want to use tata ruim in it, then we have to unlock it by first updating its firmware, after that we need its software setup, install it properly and then plug in the device, it will automatically install all modem drivers into the pc, then just open the network connection setting in setting option, click new button and type any profile name and number to dial is #777, username is "internet" and password is also "internet" and then save it and click the connect button, internet will authenticate and will be connected successfully. Well for using net in 1080 data card tata, if we want to use reliance ruim in it, then it needs also to be unlocked with its download tool software and unlock file that i have mention in my site before , search it. Then install tata modem software and you can access good internet in it. But the best speed and efficiency is going nowadays is of Tata photon that is the latest launched. But where network is week of tata, there got some problems. These modems are best to use on the laptops, notebooks and palmtops because its portable, wireless and easy to use. We can also make calls anywhere by using earphones, either we have prepaid internet connection or post paid connection. Well for more information, comments pz. HERE EC325 DRIVERS

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Nokia Mobile mb from starting is a very usefull and successful software by which we can download alot of data like images, movies, ringtones and games to the handset. But before doing all this process, we have to attach the particular handset with the help of its particular usb or serial datacable, because this software has both serial and usb functionality. Secondly, we need handset drivers or modem drivers through which its usb port is made and handset will show and attached in the mobile mb software.
In this software, we can download data in Nokia, sony ericson and Motorola handsets in a wide range, their model details given below which can be done. After installaion this software in the computer, we have to crack it for accessing it full version by click on registry entry file. When we will open the tool, then press start mobile mb button, after that open file option and then click settings button, then in that there will be two more options, one is connections and second is advanced, in connections, click add connection, in that more three options are there to attach the handset i.e usb or serial cable, bluetooth and infrared connections. In usb or serial cable option, nokia, sony ericson and other options, by selecting proper cable brand like dku-2, dku-5, or fbus we can attach handsets and in second option i.e. ADVANCED, we can make settings of 3gp videos and ringtones etc. After that we can easily transfer the compatible data to the handsets.
These types of models can be loaded :
Nokia 1112B Nokia 1600/1600B Nokia 2112/2115i/2118 Nokia 2125/2125i Nokia 2255 Nokia 2300/2300B/2310 Nokia 2355*/2362*/2365i*/2366i* Nokia 2367i* Nokia 2600/2600B Nokia 2610/2610b/2611/2626 Nokia 2630/2650/2651/2652 Nokia 2660 Nokia 2760 Nokia 2855*/2855i*/2865*/2865i* Nokia 2875*/2875i* Nokia 3100/3100b/3105/3108 Nokia 3109 Classic/3110 Classic/3120/3120b Nokia 3125/3128/3129/3152 Nokia 3155/3155i Nokia 3200/3200B/3205/3205i Nokia 3220/3220b Nokia 3230*/3250* Nokia 3300/3300B Nokia 3500 Classic Nokia 3510 Nokia 3510i/3520/3530/3560 Nokia 3570/3585/3585i Nokia 3586/3586i/3587i Nokia 3588i/3589i Nokia 3590 Nokia 3595 Nokia 5100/5100A/5140/5140b Nokia 5140i Nokia 5200* Nokia 5300* Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Nokia 5500* Nokia 5610 XpressMusic Nokia 6010/6011i/6012/6015 Nokia 6015i/6016i/6019i/6020 Nokia 6020B/6021/6030/6030B Nokia 6060/6060v/6061/6066 Nokia 6070/6070B/6080/6085 Nokia 6085H/6086/6086b Nokia 6100/6101/6101b/6102 Nokia 6102b/6102h/6102i/6103 Nokia 6103b/6108/6111/6112 Nokia 6125/6126/6126h/6131 Nokia 6133/6133b/6135/6136 Nokia 6136b/6151/6152/6155 Nokia 6155i/6165/6165i/6170 Nokia 6170B/6175i/6178i Nokia 6200/6220/6225/6225i Nokia 6230/6230b/6230i/6233 Nokia 6234/6235/6235i/6236i Nokia 6255/6255i/6256/6256i Nokia 6260*/6260b* Nokia 6265/6267/6265i/6270 Nokia 6275/6275i/6280/6282 Nokia 6288 Nokia 6300/6300B/6301 Nokia 6305i Nokia 6310i Nokia 6500 classic/6500 slide/6555/6555b Nokia 6555c/6560/6585/6585i Nokia 6610/6610i Nokia 6620*/6630* Nokia 6650/6651 Nokia 6670*/6670b*/6680*/6681* Nokia 6682* Nokia 6800/6800A/6810/6820 Nokia 6820B/6820i/6822/6822b Nokia 7200/7200B/7210/7250 Nokia 7250i/7260/7270/7270B Nokia 7280/7280B Nokia 7360/7370/7373/7380 Nokia 7390 Nokia 7600 Nokia 7610*/7610B* Nokia 7710* Nokia 8600 luna Nokia 8800/8800d (Sirocco)/8801 Nokia 8910i Nokia 9300*/9300i* Nokia 9500*/9500b* Nokia E50* Nokia E60*/E61*/E62*/E65* Nokia E70* Nokia N70*/N70-5*/N71*/N71-5* Nokia N72-5*/N73-5*/N73*/N75-3* Nokia N80-3*/N80*/N80 (02)* Nokia N90*/N91-2*/N91-5/N91-6*/N92* Nokia N93*/N93-5*/N95*
Sony Ericsson D750i* Sony Ericsson F500* Sony Ericsson J300a*/J300c*/J300i* Sony Ericsson K300a*/K300c*/K300i* Sony Ericsson K500c*/K500i*/K506c*/K508c* Sony Ericsson K508i* Sony Ericsson K600*/K608i* Sony Ericsson K700c*/K700i*/K750c*/K750i* Sony Ericsson S700*/S710a* Sony Ericsson T610*/T616*/T618*/T628* Sony Ericsson T630*/T637* Sony Ericsson V600i* Sony Ericsson V800* Sony Ericsson W600* Sony Ericsson W800c*/W800i* Sony Ericsson Z500*/Z520a*/Z520c*/Z520i* Sony Ericsson Z600*/Z608* Sony Ericsson Z800* Sony Ericsson Z1010*
Motorola A835* Motorola C350g*/C353*/C359* Motorola C650* Motorola E1 ROKR* Motorola E398* Motorola E550* Motorola E680*/E680i* Motorola E815* Motorola v80* Motorola v180*/v186* Motorola v220* Motorola V3 RAZR* Motorola v300* Motorola v500*/v501*/v505* Motorola v535*/v545*/v550* Motorola v600* Motorola v620* Motorola v635* Motorola v710

Monday, October 12, 2009


Haier D1200 handset is a very smooth and good looking colored handset with good features in it. For a long time, its unlocking solution was in wait, but not wait is over, here i have its tested unlocking cp and boot rom files. Actualy there are two ways to unlock it. One way is to write its unlock srp file but by that only old tata sim will work, means phone locked contact service message will remove. To do that we need haier d1200 vpst tool and then its unlock srp file and its proper serial cable or rj-45 cable, first read it by zippo tool and then open its vpst tool and select srp file in script file option in settings, and select its exact port no. and just click update button, it will write its unlocking srp file and hanset will be unlocked for old tata ruim only. But for complete unlocking, two files have to be flashed by selecting unlocking cp and boot rom files in flash option, and then just press update, then message will appear on the tool "please reset handset manually", then just unplug cable and battery, and again plugin them. fill will automaticaly write and then same again repeat procedure as it displays above message, then second file will also write and hanset will restart and will be ready to access any cdma ruim in it without any problem. Here is the tool and unlock srp file , but for flash files contact pz, or wait later it will be posted free.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


A good news to all of you on this happy diwali. Haier c1000 tata handset which was not unlocking before a long time, now it can be unlocked to any cdma ruim accessing network. This is grey body color handset with blue screen and black fonts. It has good battery backup and with solid body. This handset generally gets locked when we put another ruim instead of tata into it, even new tata ruim also not work in it and after putting any other ruim, its old tata ruim also stops working and a message display on the screen permanently without ruim also i.e. phone locked please contact service center". But now not to worry at all, here is its complete tested unlocking solution. We need first its flashing tool and unlocking file and serial cable of c1000 or its pinouts rx, tx and gnd. First of all charge its battery full, because this handset has to be unlocked by flashing and if by any way file gets stopped inbetween, handset will be permanently dead, so be careful regarding that. Then attach the serial cable to the pc and other rx , tx and gnd points to the pcb given in the pic. below, then power on the handset and open the download tool of c1000, in that set the serial port no. and select the unlocked file and press start button. Then set will go in offline mode automatically, and if it says helo and then please power on, then we have to press the power button key of the handset then it will go in offline mode, and it will first take backup of nv items automatically, after then will erase ram and write and after 100% flashing it will restart and restore its nv items to the handset and will again restart by showing insert ruim card. Then we can put any cdma ruim into it. One more thing, if we use any other rj-45 usb interface without serial port, then it will write flash to 85% and will stop there, but handset will not dead and lock will not open. For files and software contact on my yahoo id given at the below the site. Here are the tested tool and file

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hi dear viewers, a very good knowledge to all of you is that today topic which i am going to dictate here is about Team viewer software throught which we can remotely connect each other computers in any area by the help of internet connection. In this software we can connect other's pc by which thier window will open in our window. The good working version nowadays of team viewer is 4 version, when we open that it ask for install or run, and we have to use run option instead of install, because if we click install option, it will be for limited period, and if we always use run option, then we can use it lifetime, it will never expire.

Well when we open the software, after pressing the run button, tick mark on i accept the agrrement option, then click next, then a small window will open, and at below there will be written connected succesfully to the internet, and on the left side username of 9 numeric digits and password of 4 numeric digits will display, i.e. for our pc, and the other pc we have to connect is on the right side, there we have to put other's pc username and select the option remote support and click connect to the partner and it will then awaiting configuration and succeessfuly connect, then we can operate and access all the partner harddisk and windows from your pc. There is also have option of file transfer by which we can transfer the data from our pc to the partner or from the partner pc to our pc. Team viewer 4 version is a great struggle which the programmers have made to make our work very easy and we can give alot of support to anyone in the world with help of this tool, today alot of software remote programms are availalbe, but its very easy and good compatible software working. Here is the link for download it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


HAIER C-SERIES LIKE C2000, C2010, C2020, C3000, C3010 models can be recovered from the tata logo blinking fault commonly find in them, THOUGH THIS SOLUTION IS OLD STILL MEMBERS ARE GETTING PROBLEM. SO HERE BETTER EXPLAINED !!!Power on handset use V3I cable to connect dont use front usb extension of the pc , 1. connect hand set > give driver pathdriver : c2000 driver 2. check comport in device manager > open dloaderlite .exe> load desired CXXXX file now follow 8 to 11 steps.if handset fails to ask driver or blinking haier CXXXX follow 3 to 11 steps 3. press CALL+ END button and don't release till handset ask for driver4. connect usb cable 5. check device manager for the created comport6. open DLoaderLite.exe,choose download option,tick mark on dload offline7. choose the desired model file CXXXX 8. press start > wait > now software says >fails9. open dloaderlite.exe.ini> go to 8 line fail port and editfailport to the created one by the handset [FailPort=x]now close the .ini and save changes. 10. open DLoaderLite.exe chek on Dloadoffline click on start wait for the software to complete operation if white screen appears 11. check mark backup restore ,choose restore ,browse to good backup file and press start , the software will restore nv data. For exact informatioin and files and tool contact me.


Well today here me with the great tool of easy cdma software which sought out alot of solutions. If you want to unlock any huawei ping set like huawei 2205, 2285, 2281, 2288. These handsets get easily unlocked by this tool, but for that we need first an interface or direct serial cable of 2285 with which the handset to be attached. First get read by the universal tool i.e. zippo, if it read its esn and min no. it means cable is now properly connected to the handset. Then after open easycdma tool, but remeber your tool should be fully registered.
For that after installation this tool, we have to copy its epira.dll file to its folder so that it get fully cracked and then after we have to put username and password option give in this tool in help option. Then just set the port of the tool as connected your interface or cable. Then press the connect option, it will display the esn of the handset and then press ok button. Options will get open after some time, its all nvm files, romui setting files and more. on the left pane of the software, then there is nvm option click it and then again click nvm option, on the right side you will see its all nvm files, there is on last is nvm_hwt file, then just replace it with the unlocked nvm_hwt file. By doing this we can unlock 2205, 2285, 2281 with that one single unlocked file. But for huawei 2288 fm based model, we have to copy around 7 nvm files to its folder for unlocking to all cdma ruim working.
This software can also be used to feed non sim no. in it of reliance, tata or ping, For that we need esn no. min no. and prl file of the particular network of the no. we want to put in it. But for feed new esn no. or the running no. esn, we have to do some different process, because it cant be directly changed. So for that we need two more softwares i.e. esnchksum and other is xv132. First we have to open esnchksum tool and then type the esn no. that we want to feed in esn hex, then click on calculate, it will autmatically make cheksum no. in numeric and alphabets. Then save these no. and then open the xv132 tool which will open the sys.esn file that we have to copy first from the connected handset.
Then in that at last row two digits in one column will display, Then change from the first column of that last row, the esn no. and its cheksum no. from the last option, for eg. the no. we want to feed in it. is (23f9b3c2, and its cheksum is 28 90 c5 62, like this) And when we feed in it, we have to start like this ( c2 b3 f9 23 and 62 c5 90 28), then just save as on the desktop and our new esn file will be ready , then just go and copy paste in easy cdma, your esn no. of that handset will be changed. Before doing this whole process, we have to first make the handset to nv only setting by qpst tool means to make the handset nonruim. Then through qpst tool, write its min no. and then write its prl file. Now its ready to use.
For files and registered software you can contact me.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MOTOROLA V3i solutions

Motorola v3i handset is the best folding handset with memory card facility with it. This handset comes after a long time in the market as it has very good and advance features in it. In V3i, there is camera facility, and fm facility and memory card option is available. But the main drawback in this handset is regarding its folding keypad strip , if that get damaged, then alot of problems can come in the handset, like display not coming, speaker not working outer screen not working, keypad not working or even set not get switched on. So in that condition first of all our concentration should go on that flex strip. But open it very carefully as its flex strip is totaly joined with the its case with a strong gum, and its folder lock is also very tight, open it also carefully, without damaging any its other parts. More one common problem comes in it is of software fault. That handset will remain on white light, or will be blinking and restarting, or opening any function in the handset it will get hang or restart. So for that first check that handset could go in boot mode or not, for that code is press *, # and power button, it will show in boot loader mode. Only if handset goes in boot mode, then its software is possible and but remember if its flash files get stopped in between, handset could be permanently dead also. Its hardware section is some critical to repair, like its network fault of no service does not get ok generally, as it has very small pcb and ics pasted on both sides. and its alot of tracks comes under it cpu ic, its charging fault also not get ok generally and even its common in this handset of battery low fault. Motorola v3 and v3i are same, the only difference between them is of the memory card function and v3i lcd is some big and different from v3. And it has also a separate strip on the outer display with which its speaker is attached. V3c handset also comes in the market but that is of cdma brand of tata company, its internal pcb and flex cable is totaly different from gsm handset.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Well today i am posting some extra knowledge and solution for non ruim and ruim walkies converting into any other cdma ruim. There are lot of walkies and terminals available in the market, some of them are ruim based and some on non ruim based and among them some can be unlocked and some cannot. So, The models mostly run in them are WP826, WP826A, WP836, 350R, 350T, LST-400, LST-430 and many more. Well regarding wp826, wp826A, wp836, if you want to convert into ruim based, then there is nothing lenghty to do it, just type some secret code to it i.e. (*983*826#), then some programming will open on the display, just go to the programming option, and then put six digit security code i.e. by default is 000000, and then go to phone dispostion option, and there just tick mark the middle option i.e. ruim only and then press exit button, your walky will restart and been converted to ruim based walky and will ask for insert ruim card. The second type walky is 350r, and 350t, for them there is some need to flash these walkies, as their spc is not and esn untill they get 00000000 , we can not write any non ruim no. in them. So its some neccessary to flash them with particular flash files through their tools. And same in lst -400 and lst-430 walkies also, some get easily detect in qpst tool, in service programming, we can easily convert them to ruim based solution. If u want more information and files for them then just post comments.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Friends, now pz seriously and carefully read this topic before unlocking lg rd6100 reliance camera colored handset with fm. This handset has different versions of flash files in them eg. it has 02 version, 04 version, and now working 05 version, only 02 and 04 version are unlocking yet, but not 05 version, but if by mistake you write 07 version file i.e. of esia file means indonesia file, because somebody has put in forums that for free, but after flashing with it, your handset will not accept any cdma ruim not even reliance it will say out of sid/nid and it niether can downgrade nor unlock and cant come in original condition, because myself has suffered from that problem.
Well to unlock this handset, first check its version, is it 02 or 04, then start the process, first open the LG TOOL and attach the cable to the switched on handset, cable used for it is of same like usb nokia6500, then it asks for its drivers, just install its drivers same as of lg3500 usb drivers. Then first set the comport that whatsoever it has made automatic , change it to com no. 1 or 2 from the device manager, in properties, port settings, then first connect the handset to the zippo universal software, if handset's esn no. and min no. get read there, it means it is properly connected to the pc, then open the lg tool and set the no. 1 or 2 which you have set to it.
Then open the download option, and there comes binary path, scr path, prl path, dll path, select 6100 unlock binary file on first option, and then on second option its scr file and then select any prl file and then its dll file and off the option of cs debugging and start the upgrade button, it will install all its unlock files and after complete 100% flashing , handset will reboot and unlocked successfully, if on scr writing it says error in dll, then first read its spc code through asc writer tool and then open the old lg downloader tool, and select 6100 particular dll file, and then open the scr option and select its scr file and prl file and then start the buttion scr write file it will ask for spc code and then paste the six digit spc code and click ok, then it will complete the process and phone will reboot again and handset get unlocked, but be sure dont write 07 version indonesia file to it, otherwise your handset will get totaly useless. The rest of any problem, ask me directly.


Nokia 1600, 1110i, 1112 are similar models, difference is only of their displays and softwares in it. As we know that nokia 1600 handset is a colored handset and 1110i is black display and 1112 is a yellow display but we can make them any of we want , like if we want to make 1600 to 1110i. then we have to flash nokia 1600 with 1110i files and have to use 1110i lcd and same as vice-versa. But if we got any light problem either of lcd or keypad light, then here is the solution that me describing below.

There may be lot of reasons for this light solution, first of all before changing the light ic, there are some tested 100% working steps is to check some jumpers, like first of all check its coil that is it properly ok, then check +ve supply to the right side of the coil i.e vbat supply that comes from the battery connecter or resistance r22 on the back side of the pcb, if it is missing then make the jumper, if after that still light not come, then check the supply to the capacitor near 3 pin transistor, check capacitor upper side supply coming or not with multimeter black cable on gnd and red cable on the capacitor upper side, if multimeter pin moves some, it means supply is ok and also check the jumper that goes from that side of capacitor to the display jeck lower pin on the right side of the jeck, and if it is also ok, then last step is to change the light ic. But doing this work, your alot of faults can be ok, if one of these tracks are missing and a new knowledge to you.
There is one more solution to switch on its lights without using light ic, for that just remove the light ic. and take five pin transistor from any samsung mobile i.e. LTYN printed on that transistor, place it near light ic tracks , and its two pin side , just make the jumper from its first pin to the right side of the coil and its second pin jumper to light ic second point of the upper side and transistor 3 pin side , first pin make the jumper to the left side of the coil, and 3rd pin solder with the led left side and take one small diode also and make its positive side jumper to the left side of the coil and second side to the capacitor near 3 pin transistor on the upper side as shown all in the diagram pic, and handset light will come good.
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