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Thursday, October 8, 2009


Well today here me with the great tool of easy cdma software which sought out alot of solutions. If you want to unlock any huawei ping set like huawei 2205, 2285, 2281, 2288. These handsets get easily unlocked by this tool, but for that we need first an interface or direct serial cable of 2285 with which the handset to be attached. First get read by the universal tool i.e. zippo, if it read its esn and min no. it means cable is now properly connected to the handset. Then after open easycdma tool, but remeber your tool should be fully registered.
For that after installation this tool, we have to copy its epira.dll file to its folder so that it get fully cracked and then after we have to put username and password option give in this tool in help option. Then just set the port of the tool as connected your interface or cable. Then press the connect option, it will display the esn of the handset and then press ok button. Options will get open after some time, its all nvm files, romui setting files and more. on the left pane of the software, then there is nvm option click it and then again click nvm option, on the right side you will see its all nvm files, there is on last is nvm_hwt file, then just replace it with the unlocked nvm_hwt file. By doing this we can unlock 2205, 2285, 2281 with that one single unlocked file. But for huawei 2288 fm based model, we have to copy around 7 nvm files to its folder for unlocking to all cdma ruim working.
This software can also be used to feed non sim no. in it of reliance, tata or ping, For that we need esn no. min no. and prl file of the particular network of the no. we want to put in it. But for feed new esn no. or the running no. esn, we have to do some different process, because it cant be directly changed. So for that we need two more softwares i.e. esnchksum and other is xv132. First we have to open esnchksum tool and then type the esn no. that we want to feed in esn hex, then click on calculate, it will autmatically make cheksum no. in numeric and alphabets. Then save these no. and then open the xv132 tool which will open the sys.esn file that we have to copy first from the connected handset.
Then in that at last row two digits in one column will display, Then change from the first column of that last row, the esn no. and its cheksum no. from the last option, for eg. the no. we want to feed in it. is (23f9b3c2, and its cheksum is 28 90 c5 62, like this) And when we feed in it, we have to start like this ( c2 b3 f9 23 and 62 c5 90 28), then just save as on the desktop and our new esn file will be ready , then just go and copy paste in easy cdma, your esn no. of that handset will be changed. Before doing this whole process, we have to first make the handset to nv only setting by qpst tool means to make the handset nonruim. Then through qpst tool, write its min no. and then write its prl file. Now its ready to use.
For files and registered software you can contact me.

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