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Thursday, October 8, 2009


HAIER C-SERIES LIKE C2000, C2010, C2020, C3000, C3010 models can be recovered from the tata logo blinking fault commonly find in them, THOUGH THIS SOLUTION IS OLD STILL MEMBERS ARE GETTING PROBLEM. SO HERE BETTER EXPLAINED !!!Power on handset use V3I cable to connect dont use front usb extension of the pc , 1. connect hand set > give driver pathdriver : c2000 driver 2. check comport in device manager > open dloaderlite .exe> load desired CXXXX file now follow 8 to 11 steps.if handset fails to ask driver or blinking haier CXXXX follow 3 to 11 steps 3. press CALL+ END button and don't release till handset ask for driver4. connect usb cable 5. check device manager for the created comport6. open DLoaderLite.exe,choose download option,tick mark on dload offline7. choose the desired model file CXXXX 8. press start > wait > now software says >fails9. open dloaderlite.exe.ini> go to 8 line fail port and editfailport to the created one by the handset [FailPort=x]now close the .ini and save changes. 10. open DLoaderLite.exe chek on Dloadoffline click on start wait for the software to complete operation if white screen appears 11. check mark backup restore ,choose restore ,browse to good backup file and press start , the software will restore nv data. For exact informatioin and files and tool contact me.

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