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Sunday, October 11, 2009


A good news to all of you on this happy diwali. Haier c1000 tata handset which was not unlocking before a long time, now it can be unlocked to any cdma ruim accessing network. This is grey body color handset with blue screen and black fonts. It has good battery backup and with solid body. This handset generally gets locked when we put another ruim instead of tata into it, even new tata ruim also not work in it and after putting any other ruim, its old tata ruim also stops working and a message display on the screen permanently without ruim also i.e. phone locked please contact service center". But now not to worry at all, here is its complete tested unlocking solution. We need first its flashing tool and unlocking file and serial cable of c1000 or its pinouts rx, tx and gnd. First of all charge its battery full, because this handset has to be unlocked by flashing and if by any way file gets stopped inbetween, handset will be permanently dead, so be careful regarding that. Then attach the serial cable to the pc and other rx , tx and gnd points to the pcb given in the pic. below, then power on the handset and open the download tool of c1000, in that set the serial port no. and select the unlocked file and press start button. Then set will go in offline mode automatically, and if it says helo and then please power on, then we have to press the power button key of the handset then it will go in offline mode, and it will first take backup of nv items automatically, after then will erase ram and write and after 100% flashing it will restart and restore its nv items to the handset and will again restart by showing insert ruim card. Then we can put any cdma ruim into it. One more thing, if we use any other rj-45 usb interface without serial port, then it will write flash to 85% and will stop there, but handset will not dead and lock will not open. For files and software contact on my yahoo id given at the below the site. Here are the tested tool and file

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