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Monday, October 12, 2009


Haier D1200 handset is a very smooth and good looking colored handset with good features in it. For a long time, its unlocking solution was in wait, but not wait is over, here i have its tested unlocking cp and boot rom files. Actualy there are two ways to unlock it. One way is to write its unlock srp file but by that only old tata sim will work, means phone locked contact service message will remove. To do that we need haier d1200 vpst tool and then its unlock srp file and its proper serial cable or rj-45 cable, first read it by zippo tool and then open its vpst tool and select srp file in script file option in settings, and select its exact port no. and just click update button, it will write its unlocking srp file and hanset will be unlocked for old tata ruim only. But for complete unlocking, two files have to be flashed by selecting unlocking cp and boot rom files in flash option, and then just press update, then message will appear on the tool "please reset handset manually", then just unplug cable and battery, and again plugin them. fill will automaticaly write and then same again repeat procedure as it displays above message, then second file will also write and hanset will restart and will be ready to access any cdma ruim in it without any problem. Here is the tool and unlock srp file , but for flash files contact pz, or wait later it will be posted free.

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