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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Friends, now pz seriously and carefully read this topic before unlocking lg rd6100 reliance camera colored handset with fm. This handset has different versions of flash files in them eg. it has 02 version, 04 version, and now working 05 version, only 02 and 04 version are unlocking yet, but not 05 version, but if by mistake you write 07 version file i.e. of esia file means indonesia file, because somebody has put in forums that for free, but after flashing with it, your handset will not accept any cdma ruim not even reliance it will say out of sid/nid and it niether can downgrade nor unlock and cant come in original condition, because myself has suffered from that problem.
Well to unlock this handset, first check its version, is it 02 or 04, then start the process, first open the LG TOOL and attach the cable to the switched on handset, cable used for it is of same like usb nokia6500, then it asks for its drivers, just install its drivers same as of lg3500 usb drivers. Then first set the comport that whatsoever it has made automatic , change it to com no. 1 or 2 from the device manager, in properties, port settings, then first connect the handset to the zippo universal software, if handset's esn no. and min no. get read there, it means it is properly connected to the pc, then open the lg tool and set the no. 1 or 2 which you have set to it.
Then open the download option, and there comes binary path, scr path, prl path, dll path, select 6100 unlock binary file on first option, and then on second option its scr file and then select any prl file and then its dll file and off the option of cs debugging and start the upgrade button, it will install all its unlock files and after complete 100% flashing , handset will reboot and unlocked successfully, if on scr writing it says error in dll, then first read its spc code through asc writer tool and then open the old lg downloader tool, and select 6100 particular dll file, and then open the scr option and select its scr file and prl file and then start the buttion scr write file it will ask for spc code and then paste the six digit spc code and click ok, then it will complete the process and phone will reboot again and handset get unlocked, but be sure dont write 07 version indonesia file to it, otherwise your handset will get totaly useless. The rest of any problem, ask me directly.

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