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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

MOTOROLA V3i solutions

Motorola v3i handset is the best folding handset with memory card facility with it. This handset comes after a long time in the market as it has very good and advance features in it. In V3i, there is camera facility, and fm facility and memory card option is available. But the main drawback in this handset is regarding its folding keypad strip , if that get damaged, then alot of problems can come in the handset, like display not coming, speaker not working outer screen not working, keypad not working or even set not get switched on. So in that condition first of all our concentration should go on that flex strip. But open it very carefully as its flex strip is totaly joined with the its case with a strong gum, and its folder lock is also very tight, open it also carefully, without damaging any its other parts. More one common problem comes in it is of software fault. That handset will remain on white light, or will be blinking and restarting, or opening any function in the handset it will get hang or restart. So for that first check that handset could go in boot mode or not, for that code is press *, # and power button, it will show in boot loader mode. Only if handset goes in boot mode, then its software is possible and but remember if its flash files get stopped in between, handset could be permanently dead also. Its hardware section is some critical to repair, like its network fault of no service does not get ok generally, as it has very small pcb and ics pasted on both sides. and its alot of tracks comes under it cpu ic, its charging fault also not get ok generally and even its common in this handset of battery low fault. Motorola v3 and v3i are same, the only difference between them is of the memory card function and v3i lcd is some big and different from v3. And it has also a separate strip on the outer display with which its speaker is attached. V3c handset also comes in the market but that is of cdma brand of tata company, its internal pcb and flex cable is totaly different from gsm handset.

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