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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Nokia 1600, 1110i, 1112 are similar models, difference is only of their displays and softwares in it. As we know that nokia 1600 handset is a colored handset and 1110i is black display and 1112 is a yellow display but we can make them any of we want , like if we want to make 1600 to 1110i. then we have to flash nokia 1600 with 1110i files and have to use 1110i lcd and same as vice-versa. But if we got any light problem either of lcd or keypad light, then here is the solution that me describing below.

There may be lot of reasons for this light solution, first of all before changing the light ic, there are some tested 100% working steps is to check some jumpers, like first of all check its coil that is it properly ok, then check +ve supply to the right side of the coil i.e vbat supply that comes from the battery connecter or resistance r22 on the back side of the pcb, if it is missing then make the jumper, if after that still light not come, then check the supply to the capacitor near 3 pin transistor, check capacitor upper side supply coming or not with multimeter black cable on gnd and red cable on the capacitor upper side, if multimeter pin moves some, it means supply is ok and also check the jumper that goes from that side of capacitor to the display jeck lower pin on the right side of the jeck, and if it is also ok, then last step is to change the light ic. But doing this work, your alot of faults can be ok, if one of these tracks are missing and a new knowledge to you.
There is one more solution to switch on its lights without using light ic, for that just remove the light ic. and take five pin transistor from any samsung mobile i.e. LTYN printed on that transistor, place it near light ic tracks , and its two pin side , just make the jumper from its first pin to the right side of the coil and its second pin jumper to light ic second point of the upper side and transistor 3 pin side , first pin make the jumper to the left side of the coil, and 3rd pin solder with the led left side and take one small diode also and make its positive side jumper to the left side of the coil and second side to the capacitor near 3 pin transistor on the upper side as shown all in the diagram pic, and handset light will come good.

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