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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Blackberry to open set lock by code remote unlocking FIRST OPEN SIM SETTINGSTHEN PRESS " MPED "THEN SELECT SIM OPTION THEN PRESSED LEFT BOTTOM BUTTON WITH " MPE2 " THEN ENTER UNLOCK CODE IN IT, PHONE IS UNLOCKED But to take its code by imei no. , we have to get it with any registered server online alot of there. This process is now old for old handsets, and is running for new and latest handsets which cannot be unlock by flashing or furious gold box.

Well alot of blackbery models like 7XXX, 8XXX AND 9XXX are also unlocking by flashing with mfi files. This process is also easy if done by the proper way and guidance. I HAVE ALSO UNLOCKED BLACKBERY MODEL 7100R, 8110, ETC. BY MFI FLASHING. The process starts like this, first of all we need the particular model's firmware file which we have to unlock country lock, then we need complete setup of 718 mb in zip form, in which there is MML SETUP, which we have to install and it will make directory c:\mml\. Then we have also .netframework install on our system. Then we need one configuration file named "configuration.xml " which we have to replace it with the file made in c:\mml\configuration, this is done if you want to unlock handset without using internet.After that we need blackberry usb and modem drivers latest version i.e. 4.7. After installing all setups, then the data of 718 mb all mfi zip folders we have to extract it in one folder and have to be replaced it all folders like bin, config etc to the folder made in c;\mml\, because if we do not paste it all there, software will give an error after erasing that load mfi file not find on local hard drive. So remember it to do that in the same way as mentioned, Also install MFI LOADER SETUP, Through which we have to tick mark on erase and auto start options. and when all drivers will be install on it. it will automatically erase mfi and load its unlocked mfi file, After that on Handset NO. 1 WILL BE SHOWN AFTER PASSING FLASH. THEN WE HAVE TO TYPE THE WORD " S T A R T " TO COME OUT FROM DM MODE. THEN THERE WILL DISPLAY "NO APPLICATION DATA" ERROR, NOW HERE WE NEED HANDSET FIRMWARE APPLICATION FILE AND BLACKBERRY DESKTOP SOFTWARE , TO INSTALL ALL ITS ORIGINAL APPLICATIONS, AND THEN AT LAST AFTER ALL DONE ON HANDSET NETWORK WILL SHOW OFF, THEN GO IN NETWORK SETTINGS AND SELECT PROPER OPTIONS, AND NOW YOUR HANDSET IS READY TO USE ANY GSM RUIM IN IT. ONE MORE PRECAUTION WE HAVE TO TAKE IS TO DELTE VENDOR.XML FILE i.e. in c:\program files\common files\research in motion\apploader, after mfi flashing and before installing its firmware file. FOR MORE DETAILS CONTACT ON ID. HERE IS SOME DATA BELOW -

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