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Saturday, October 10, 2009


Hi dear viewers, a very good knowledge to all of you is that today topic which i am going to dictate here is about Team viewer software throught which we can remotely connect each other computers in any area by the help of internet connection. In this software we can connect other's pc by which thier window will open in our window. The good working version nowadays of team viewer is 4 version, when we open that it ask for install or run, and we have to use run option instead of install, because if we click install option, it will be for limited period, and if we always use run option, then we can use it lifetime, it will never expire.

Well when we open the software, after pressing the run button, tick mark on i accept the agrrement option, then click next, then a small window will open, and at below there will be written connected succesfully to the internet, and on the left side username of 9 numeric digits and password of 4 numeric digits will display, i.e. for our pc, and the other pc we have to connect is on the right side, there we have to put other's pc username and select the option remote support and click connect to the partner and it will then awaiting configuration and succeessfuly connect, then we can operate and access all the partner harddisk and windows from your pc. There is also have option of file transfer by which we can transfer the data from our pc to the partner or from the partner pc to our pc. Team viewer 4 version is a great struggle which the programmers have made to make our work very easy and we can give alot of support to anyone in the world with help of this tool, today alot of software remote programms are availalbe, but its very easy and good compatible software working. Here is the link for download it.

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