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Friday, October 16, 2009


There are several range of usb wireless modems through which we can access internet with good speed and its portable, we can take it anywhere and can use anytime if u have unlimited plan in it. Data cards running in the market are reliance mg880, huawei ec220, ec321, ec325, tata 1080, tata photon etc. Well every data card has its own features and softwares to access internet. Well for using huawei ec325 modem, if u want to reliance ruim in it, then its not need to unlock the device, but if u want to use tata ruim in it, then we have to unlock it by first updating its firmware, after that we need its software setup, install it properly and then plug in the device, it will automatically install all modem drivers into the pc, then just open the network connection setting in setting option, click new button and type any profile name and number to dial is #777, username is "internet" and password is also "internet" and then save it and click the connect button, internet will authenticate and will be connected successfully. Well for using net in 1080 data card tata, if we want to use reliance ruim in it, then it needs also to be unlocked with its download tool software and unlock file that i have mention in my site before , search it. Then install tata modem software and you can access good internet in it. But the best speed and efficiency is going nowadays is of Tata photon that is the latest launched. But where network is week of tata, there got some problems. These modems are best to use on the laptops, notebooks and palmtops because its portable, wireless and easy to use. We can also make calls anywhere by using earphones, either we have prepaid internet connection or post paid connection. Well for more information, comments pz. HERE EC325 DRIVERS


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