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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


MP4 & MP5 PLAYERS MARKET NOW GOING STRONG DAY BY DAY, as there are coming alot of functionalities and internal memory + external mmc card facilities, even nowadays, MP6 PLAYERS ARE ALSO LAUNCHING IN THE FOREIGN MARKET. Well alot of people make their entertainment source and in the free time they get satisfied by playing games and shuffling audio, video songs, using fm radio and even by video recording. Actualy the numbers attached with the words MP- like mp3 denotes that it has three type of functions, mp4 denotes , it has 4 types of functions such as , audio songs, video songs, images and games, and mp5 denotes 5 functions that is 5th function is of camera. These has internal memory starts from 1gb to 8 gb normally. Well here are some good working tested games for mp4, mp5 players, because normaly nes games are compatible in them. so here is the link for that and you have only to copy paste games into the right folder of the player i.e. named of games.

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