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Saturday, February 20, 2010


HI Viewers, here today me giving u a very attractive and new knowledge that would solve your motorola v9m handset problem, that their flash memory files mostly get corrupted when you flash them with rsd lite tool, if file get stopped in between or handset get disconnect before complete flashing, then the handset get stuck on motorola logo on powering. And its non ruim number also get washed, so now for MOTOROLA V9M , CONVERSION INTO ANY CDMA NETWORK, first of all we have need its usb cable i.e of nokia 7210s or of lg reliance rd3500, i.e. easily available in the market too. After that we have to first put handset in the bootloader mode, i.e. by pressing *, # and power on key, handset will go in blue screen i.e bootmode, after that it will ask for its usb modem drivers, that we have to install it at initial stage, when all the drivers get loaded, then open the RSD LITE 3.6 VERSION, there it will show the handset connected, then browse and select the v9m (name of the file is cricket one), then press start button, and then after 100% complete flash, handset will reboot and will be in the working condition, after that check its camera and memory card option, all will working ok, and then after now we have to install the appropriate number into it, we mostly enter the tata, reliance or ping number. In this handset , esn does not change, so we have to get activate the min no. on handset esn no. Now the main working start, there is some problem when you will try to put number by pst programmer software , so now here we need RSD LITE 5.1.8 VERSION, BECAUSE WITHOUT THIS handset will not go into suspended mode, so in this latest version, it works for specially V9M handset. Then just we have to go into phone provisioning option, then just enter the true imsi number and min directory number , then write into the phone , phone will restart and check it by the read phone option, after that we have to programm now the prl file of the specific network of that we have to enter the number. and then phone will finally restart and phone converted to that network, and let the connection get activated, your incoming and outgoing calls will get started. Its 100% tested by me , so dont worry and just do it. here me giving tested file link of v9m


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