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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


HWK Release 23/03/2010 Release Date: 23/03/2010

The Official release is ready in our download area

If the HWK is a "TRIAL" or affected by 3rd party tools, this software may not work properly, so use at your own risk.

make sure you un-install all old versions, first HWK Suite, then HWK
Support Suite, you can then install the new software, first HWK Support
Suite and then HWK Suite.

You MUST update your HWK using client, old client versions will no longer work.

You MUST be running HWK software to access support.

UFS_DCTxBB5 v2.0.10.0

1. New BB5 products:
2. New DCT4+ products: RM-590,RM-591 (2220s-2,2220s-2b)
3. More DCT4+ added for unlock (ASIC 3168) see corresponding list.
4. McuSw tag fixed in vpl parser.
5. Fixed time-out bug for some RAPU models.
6. [Det.Log] CheckBox now active, can auto create LOG file.
7. [Info] Shows Camera DCC settings and Status (for both Cameras)
8. [PM Edit] Revised: Read/Write DCC, Simlock Data, Parallel Model.
9. Increased PM read default margins, to have DCC in read PM for DCT4+
10.[Check Ask/Rpl] to Check Ask/Rpl files contents (Asic 2,5,6,7)
11.Fixed [Format] bug for new BB5 Symbian products.
12.ENO File flashing support (E63,E66,..,N97,..)
13.[Locks] for BB5 remade, now calculate codes for SLPA and SL20
14.[Check] Shows PASUBTOC SL related contents.

Do not use external VPP adapter with RX2 enabled cables, since this will put VPP direct to RX2 and its possible to KILL the phone.


1. MTK GB160,GB165,GB170,GB175,GB190,GB195,KG198 added.
2. Infineon GB101,GB109,GB110,GB125,GB130,KE858,KP108 added.
3. Infineon New Flash Chip SV7E3204UTA support.
4. ADI KG129,KG248,KG298 added.
5. " Cannot open file " Bug Fixed.


C158,C158B,C188L,C240L,C258,C260B,C260L,C260M,C300 B,E576,E758,
X138,X180,X468P,X478,X568 added (DUNL,IM,FL)
USB flashing introduced for HPE models (U600,.. Approx. 2x faster)
B3210,B3310,B3313,C3010S,C3050C,C3053,C3060,C3110H ,M620N,
S3030C,S3500C,S3500H,S3500i,S3501C,S5150,S5150C added (CUNL,IM,FL)
MSL3 bypass introduced (B3210,B3310,B3313,C3060,C3060R,...)
USB UI functions introduced, allows to unlock USB only phones.
USB flashing introduced (Approx. 5x faster)
(Cannot use USB flashing of dead phones which have UL erased or damaged.
RJ45 flashing can be used to recover from erased UL situation)
A177,A226,A227,A237,A257,B3410,B5702,B5712C,B5722, B5722C,C3212,
C3510,C3518,C6112,C6112C,D980F,E200E,E208B,E250L,E 848i,F118,
F278,J150B,M2710,M2710C,M2710L,M3510C,S3100,S3110, S3110C,
S3600C,S3600H,S5200C,T219,T329,T729 added(UNL,IM,FL)
Added ENG flashing for DUOS FOTA models (D988,B5712C,..)
Auth. Boot and Firmware Sign. for Secure models (B5722,C3510,C6112,S3100)
B5702,D988,F265L,S5050 (SECT) bug fixed.
CSC Area format added.
A137,CC01i,E1070C,E1100C,E1101C,E1107,E1113C,E1120 C,E1210,
E1310C,E1310E,E1360,E1360C,E1360S,E2100C,E2210C,E2 210H added (DUNL,IM,FL)
E1080,E1080C,E1080T,E1085,E1085L,E1085T,E1088C,E11 00H,E1150,
E1150C,E1160,E2120,E2120B,E2120C,E2130 added (CUNL,FL)
C5110,C5130,C5130S,C5130U,J800R added (CUNL,FL,SECT,BT)
P270 (CUNL,SECT) bug fixed.
E2P Write is supported only for C5130,C5130S and C5130U.
A551,A561,A637,A746,A747,A766,A767,A811,A821,A827, A836,A837,
A867,C5220,C5510H,C5510U,G508,G508E,M7600B,M7600H, S5350,
S5600B,S5600L,S5608U,S5510,S7120U,S7350C,S7350E,S7 350F,
S7350H,S7350i,S7520U,S8300H,T469,T659,T749,T919,T9 29,U808 added.
Fixed flashing of non page size aligned files (rc1,rc2,ffs)
Added flashing support for QSC62xx models.
UNLOCK and UNFREEZE added for these models:
A551,A637,A767,A827,A837,C5220,F400,S5510,S7350,S7 350C,
QC Legacy BroadCom models introduced:
i6220,S3650,S3650C,S3650M,S3650W,S3653,S3653W,S523 0,S5230G,
S5230H,S5230M,S5230W,S5233A,S5233S,S5233T,S5233W,S 5560,S5560C,
S7070 (CUNL,FL) To read codes use:
[Mobile Info] button using USB Cable (Phone Switched-ON)
and after [QCDI Info] button, using RJ45 Cable (Phone-OFF)
QC Legacy BroadCom models Full Flashing (with BOOT Change)
[BOOT Repair] for QC Legacy BroadCom models added.
Boot Repair and Codes Read is possible only for phones with
NM_20 pin USB/RJ45 connector !
Log to file added.
CLONE error message fixed.

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