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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ESN/Meid Changing

ESN/Meid Changing is ILEGAL cHECK your country's LAW


Blackberry 8330 8703e 7103e 8130 and many more Esn Repair process
Only by CdmaWorkshop Lisenced Version

Ref : CDMA Service Software / ESN Changer, SPC Unlocker...

What you need:

1- Blackberry Device

2- Blackberry Desktop Manager

3- CDMA Workshop 3.x.x *** This is only tested on 3.x.x. and higher ***
By older version only ESN can be repaired not pESNs

4- ESN/MEID That you want to right.

Make sure that the blackberry is on the lowest possible OS. If it is not you can get a "Read Error" in Workshop and you will not be able to Repair your device


Step 1: Open Blackberry Desktop ManageR
Step 2: Verify that your Blackberry is on the lowest possible OS.
Step 3: Open CDMA Workshop.
Step 4: Connect to the Blackberry Com Port that pertains to your device. Example > If you notice you will have two ports for Blackberry. They will be called "RIM Virtual Ports" Mine are Com 2 & 3. You will always want to choose the highest one. So in my case I will choose "3"
Step 5: After you are connected click on "Read", then go to the "Security" tab and depending on your Blackberry send the "SPC" to your device.

if spc is correct " SPC is correct phone is unlocked " will be prompted

Here are the locations for the SPC code if your BB is not Verizon.

BlackBerry 8130:1060:1070
BlackBerry 8330:1060:1070
BlackBerry 8830:1060:1070
BlackBerry 8703e:100D:1012

Step 6: Go to MEID and click on "Read" then go to the drop down menu and select "Universal, Ram Method"
Then choose scan:

Blackberry Storm:

0264 : 0269 Scan and save as scan1 or something similar.

Then scan this location:

17B0 : 17FD Scan and save as scan2 or something similar.

Once the scan is done open both of them and take "scan2" and copy all the addresses and paste it right under the last address under "scan1". Go ahead an put the cursor and the end of the last number and hit delete to delete any line that maybe under. To test just hit the down key. If it doesn't go down to the next line then you're good.

* Once you have combined the scans save it. Either as scan1 or something else. Just remember what you named it and where it's at.

Now if it is not a BB Storm 1 scan with this location:

1013 : 10D7

Step 7: Now put the MEID Hex that you want in the box. Example A1000005478893 Meid Hexadecimal
go back to "Universal, Ram Method' and this time choose "Load". Then find either, the combined scan BB Storm 1, or the just one scan, any other BB. Keep in mind that this does not work for the Storm 2, 9530, or the 9630 blackberry models

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