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Saturday, October 9, 2010


C5100 / C5589 SD Card Update Guide
(1) Prepare a new SD card which must have been formatted to FAT32 or
(2) Copy the manifest file, APP bin file, and brew, nvm, setting folders to SD
root directory.
(3) After upgrade, four new folders be created
in SD card, and we do not need to take care of that. Another upgrade log file
is also created in SD boot directory which records the upgrade information,
and the log file may be useful for finding the reason why upgrade fails.
(4) Make sure the battery has enough energy (no less than two levels).
SD Card Upgrade
Two Upgrade Methods
(1) Engineering menu download: This method is used for the handset which can
power on normally.
(2) Force download: This method is used for the handset which cannot power on
Engineering Menu Download
(1) Insert the SD card within upgrade files;
(2) Input ##497613 in idle mode, then press send, select SD Downloadand
press ok;
(3) In APP download, the download rate is displayed in LCD, and the upgrade
fails if the information APP Dload Failed!is displayed.
(4) After APP download (about 5 minutes), the handset will be reset
automatically, and parameter files download starts. The name of
downloading file will be displayed in LCD; the upgrade fails if the information

2009-1-8 .......,......2., .2.
Param Dload Failed!is displayed. If the upgrade is succeeded, the handset
will be reset.
(5) In idle mode, Input ##497613 and press send, select S/W version, make
sure the version is identical to HUAWEI C5100 ........
Force Download
If the handset cannot power on normally, force download can be used in two
(1) Insert a battery (if the LCD glints, take out the battery for 5 seconds, then
insert it again), hold pressing the keys 9and hit the key power(please do
not hold pressing this key). The force download will start, and the upgrade
process is similar to engineering menu download.
(2) If the handset has not a battery, hold pressing the keys 9and insert the
charger, the force download will start too. We suggest use this way to start
force download.
Upgrade Failed
(1) If SD card initialize failed, check the SD card, make sure its a good card, and
the handset support SD upgrade;
(2) If file open failed, make sure all upgrade files are copied to the SD boot

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