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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Dear, here is the now the solution to convert htc sprint ppc6800sp to another cdma network. So, please follow this process

first of all make hard reset on the handset by just pressing left upper home key, right upper key, red button end key and power on key together it will make hard reset and will set default settings and applications, after that tap the touchscreen properly.

second step to just put it into diag mode by dialing ##3424#  and then handset will ask for modem drivers, then just install first active sync 4.5 version microsoft software, it will automatically install htc drivers and also install wmodem htc drivers.

third step now is to read its spc code by HTC QMAT SOFTWARE TOOL, QC Mobile Analysis Tool V5.06 , then just dial this code ##778# it will open handset all programming and after entering security spc code we can enter all nam settings, cdma settings, network channels of prl file. and our handset will be now ready to use for the particular cdma network provider of which number we have enter, but remember this handset's ESN NO. cannot be change, so you have to activate this handset esn no. with your particular number to activate with it, and to enter its imsi number properly.  THANKS IF ANY MORE QUERY, reply on

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