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Saturday, November 19, 2011


Dear, now the iphone 4S might be Apple next mobile master piece, but as with any technology , there are lot of things are not always perfect whenever a new product is to be introduced in the market. So, several reports from users have pointed to a variety of problems with the iphone 4S , most of these should also be resoved over time to time. it is early adopters that will solve week issues.

Those who are very much interested for 4S iphones, these five complaints or issues mst be solved as quick as possible,

--  iphone 4s activation process is delayed  --> This is a great news to come that now for the activation of iphones, there will be no need of an computer to activate it immediately, as many users had activation that were pending or told directly tat iphone activation are unenviable at this time

--  Siri personal assistant cannot connect to servers  -->  It is no surprise now that with millions of iphone 4S users looking to try the service that Siri's servers are also being taxed to the limit. apple considers Siri to be in a beta phase, however they are sure to ramp up capacity as more iphone 4S owners come online. There is no doubt these hiccups are temporary.

--  Very slow cellular data transfer download speeds.

Sprint has already been accused of not being able to handle the data demands of iphone 4 USERS ON ITS NETWORK AND THE COMPANY has already responded with a public statement denying this is the case.

--  Shorter than expected battery life issue -->  Before going rush to apple for a warranty exchange, they will probably recommend a complete restore to factory settings. there are alot of tricks can try to extend your iphone battery life, but if you are still concerned apple can determine whether or not the battery in yuur iphone 4s is defective.

--  Last - Applications incompatibilities with IOS 5

some applications have also been reported to crash alot when you are running on IOS5 . dEVELOPERS HAVE TO keep up with Apple and multiple firmware updates all of the time. Appplications need to run properly on multiple iphone models running different versions of IOS with different hardware. 

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