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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

MXBOX - LATEST VERSION 3.5revision 1.5

MXBOX - LATEST VERSION 3.5revision 1.5

Dear, here is now the ultimate great mxkey box new version i.e. 3.5 rev. 1.5 , in which alot of bugs and errors are fixed, and  added for nokia tool - extended scan, will display nck length, dcc , mmc pass, master code and user code on scan handset.

-- added- clear cached product data, in config used to clear bb5 secure  data cache that is used mainly for BB5 security repair

-- added new flash loader version to setup

--more added - HTI auto BSI selection saved as individual config based on selected type.

it also verify secure data at read SL3 Hash/Read phone IDS
and more it improved FBUS communication for HTI, and for inenion xgold flashing is very much improved

Blackberry tool updation

it read now MSL, for blackberry cdma all models supported
just select com blackberry serial port instead of usb blackberry smartphone in connection list.

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