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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


well, a great solution comes to know  here, just try it and enjoy new things, its about nokia C5-03 handset, if by any means your phone gets hang faults, due to virus or applications collisions or restart,you can use this hard reset by the following steps, but remember to take your backup of ur contcts or contents in the phone as it will reset all its phone memory.

This is the soft reset process for the handset which will only restore ini files in the flash rom memory

1.   First press dial *#7780#

2.  Then Press ok / or yes button

Now, this is the hard reset process which will sure delete your all data and applications installed and will let phone to its default factor settings

1.  Firstly dial *#7370#

2. Then press ok


1.  First turn the handset power off and reinsert battery then power it on and after that press and hold * +3+Call button (green button or ok button) , it will reset all your handset.
thanks and enjoy

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