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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Windows - 8 - new and latest

Dear friends, now here is the latest Wiindows you can download and enjoy the real fetaures given in the screenshots. named WINDOWS -8

  1. Windows 8 only takes about 210 MB of RAM to run at its base level, apparently.
  2. The tablet interface is a tile interface. Think Windows Phone 7.
  3. Logging in with Windows Live will get you all of your settings on another Windows 8 device.
  4. You can use it with touch or with keyboard and mouse. No compromises with tablet vs. pcs.
  5. Metro-style apps. You can use whatever language you want, basically, to write your apps.
  6. You can use the WinRT APIs to build your apps in C, C++, C#, VB, JavaScript, etc.
  7. Image search is rather elegant on Windows 8
  8. The personalized app store dedicated to Windows 8.
  9. Windows 8 security: built-in to Defender. Detects malicious software.
  10. Graphics have been improved in Windows 8.
  11. Windows 8 tablets have 3G.
  12. The new and improved Windows 8 task manager.
  13. You can refresh your PC and basically reset its performance.
  14. Accessibility: it has easy zoom and ease of access settings.
  15. The new Internet Explorer 10 designed for Windows 8.
  16. New options for multiple monitors: you can put different apps on different taskbars on different monitors.
  17. You can connect devices together through Windows Live. You can actually browse photos from your other PCs.
  18. Windows phone 7 integration with Windows 8.
  19. A beautiful looking BSOD.

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