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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Dear now here is the one more ultimate news, that you can now unlock alot of sony xperia handsets in Cyclone box software new version v. 1.17  installer. just download and enjoy the features, but sure , it will use some of the credits, first to all to activate this feature working, you must have minimum 101 credits in your account, if u have 100 credits , it will not unlock or use credits, minimum credit balance to maintain is 50 credits, but to start using this feature, you must have more than 100 credits in your cyclone box account, and to unlock one handset through this , minimum 10 credits will be used to unlock one handset. 

it supports - SE Xperia unlocker launched in cyclone box

xperia x10 mini - E10i
Xperia 10 mini pro - u20
xperia w8 -E16 - E16i
xperia x8 - E15i
xperia 10
xperia x10a
xperia x10i
Docomo So -01b also supported 
And all 

these phones supported without any test point

- It has added real time SE xperia unlocker account creator in credits tool.
10 Cyclone credits =  1 xperia phone log 
BB5 FBUS/USB Loaders v11.40.00 introduced
pm protection is now unticked by default
pm protection is automatically unticked during sx4 operations
added new bright skin
minor changes and bugfixes also 


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