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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Infinity best now supported N9/N950 Flashing and more , just download it from the infinity best dongle support area,

- USB flashing improved

- Added MeeGo ( Harmattan ) custom made flasher
- Support N9, N950 and same devices on Harmattan platform
- Flash MCU image
- Flash eMMC image
- Wipe device ( reset code, clear eMMc, data )
- Work with RD mode
Simple, fast, easy flashing.
- Maemo tab was renamed to nTab
- Generation select is required now ( Maemo - N900 and MeeGo - N9, N950 and same )
- Support Dead flashing and Normal flashing (powered on phone)
Important How-to instruction about N900/N9/N950 

- User Data extraction improved

- Improved S40 phonebook extraction directly from phone
- Improved S40 phonebook extraction from flash
- Added support of new S40 phones (Asha series - flash and directly from phone)

- Other
- SL3 job submit revised
- Ini updated. Added new models and corrected existing

It surely the best dongle for nokia handsets, and more to come soon regarding sl3 unlocking also . 

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