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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SL3 - UNLOCK - IN MXKEY BOX LATEST 3.5 rev 1.6 - download

sl3bf(Local SL3 Bruteforce) module changes
- added: support for oclHashcat-lite-0.08

sl3u(SL3 Logger) module changes
- added: Online Logger page
- and more minor bug fixed


SL3 Logger/Unlocker (sl3u.exe)
- added: support for RAP3Gv4**** RAPUv2 by USB
- added: Online Logger tab
used to request unlock codes by imei+hash (.sha files)

How to unlock SL3 with HTI :-
1. Register HTI to use this service
-(choose your password here )-

2. Top up HTI credit to be able to use this service

3. Login using password chosen when registration
4. Upload Hash -  select sha or log files

5. Wait for few minutes, as displayed on waiting time

6. Job Status are displayed once you Upload Hash and everytime you Login
use Login button**** to check or request codes for uploaded hash(if any)

7. When status is *quot;finished*quot;**** right click on individual hash and select one of menus

- Abort/Cancel Job: will cancel job and refund credit
- Send Codes to the phone: Send codes directly to the phone
- Save Codes to text: Save codes to text file
- Copy Codes to clipboard: Copy codes to clipboard

NOTE for SL3 Unlock:
SL3 Unlock is in beta stage
Beta test resellers will be chosen.
This resellers can chose their beta test users.
To be a beta test user please contact your reseller.

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