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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Dear, win usb maker is a very special and unique tool that make any removable device as a bootable working with windows setup...

Features are as below:

--  It is full faster drive backup and restore, including the MBR, the user can make a full backup of the usb drive including the MBR boot sector, and all stored files .

--  It is totally  coded with maximum security to avoid any error, with the protection platform, and never is allowed the format of current windows drive.

-- It can also work with setup DVD/setup folder /setup iso image

--  It can make a DOS/GRLDR automated bootable usb disk .

-- It supports devices larger than 1 TB

-- It checks the folder and size of device for better compatibility

--  Dynamic progress bar and specific file /folder status  shown for works.

Drive restore will format with NTFS filesystem without remove all the partitions.

Compatibility windows can done --

1  Windows 8

2. Windows 7

3.  Windows vista

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