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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Dear, now here is the New version came of MXKEY BOX, that is now working properly with these new features added in it

it has added 

1. nokia tool - in which SL3 RSA signature that is verified on "Read Hash" , sha readed by MX now is  100% valid and accurate , 

2. bug fix-  it has fixed all bugs regarding rapido usb bootstrap causing BSOD - xgold not booting if any, - sl3bf, ocl hashcat 00.08 speed not shown

3.   hti drives updated and 

4.  updated sl3u to version 1.7 and as added master spcode verification on calculate cod  and improved online logger function 

5.  updated sl3bf to version 3.6  in which it added master sp code verification after bf task finieshed : ocl hashcat -lite -0.08 with" -- outfile format =1" problem

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