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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Chinese miracle version 1.08 coolsand cpu

Version 1.08 Released 13 April 2011


 What's New  now just watch

Version 1.08 13-04-2012

1. Firmware upgrade to 1.04, modify the mtk detection.
2. MTK add NEW CPU6573,6513,6516 read and format support.
3. SPD Modify 6800 Family New Flash ID Added.
4. SPD add the 6610/20 New flash ID support.
5. Mstar change the password lookup algorithm.
6. Infenion New Flash ID Supported.
7. Cool Sand CPU DEMO Menu.
8. Spd Modify 6800H new flash ID read and
    write and Graphic lock Etc.
 Again Virus Free Setup/Software.
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