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Friday, April 13, 2012

Infinity best dongle latest version 1.43 launched

New features added 
- USB flashing improved
- (BB5) Added USB loaders v12.2.0 (2012)
- (BB5) Fixed Normal mode flashing for Asha 300/302/303
- (QC) Added RM-802 support (L800C)
- (ALL) Some small bugfixes


- Service oprations improved
- (XG213) Fixed CNT reset for some phones
- (XG110) Added log reading via comport
- (XG213) LifeTimer edit/read/reset improved (new models)
- (Restore SL) SimLock extraction improved.

*Added support for new types
*Override SL detection (SL2_SL3 old type will not proceed for extract in server)
- (XG213) Added checking for non-unlockable SL_conf (SW stop if detect Telcel)
- (s60) FileSystem format improved (some bugs with eMMC format fixed)

- User Data operation improved
- (s40) Added also s4pb (cross-write bb5 phonebook) extraction from FullFlash
- (s40) Added support for 2nd generation phonebook (Autodetection , QWERTY BB5 - C3,Asha302)
- (s40) Added support for 2nd generation phonebook (Autodetection , QWERTY XG213 - Asha200...)
- (DCT4) Added phonebook writing support for S40 Lite models (1680c,5000,2630,2670 and others)
- (DCT4) Improved phonebook reading from S40 lite phones
- (s60) Phonebook extraction from FullFlash for S60vX improved
- (s40) Extraction PhoneBook from FullFlash improved

- Other
- INI updated and revised
- Removed old DLL's (no needed more NET framework and other)
- Some bugfixes
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