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Friday, May 11, 2012


Code tool:
Direct unlock by cable
Huawei G5500
Huawei G6150
Huawei G660003
Huawei G7010
Huawei G7105
Huawei G7300

Berry tool:
Phone model to MFI finder - choose model and click model to mfi button (Exclusive)
Unlock & Mep 0- 7XXX series/8100/ 8110/8300/8700/8800/ 8820/8130/ 8330/8707/8830
(Total Support list :7XXX series/8100/ 8110/8300/8700/8800/ 8820/8130/ 8330/8707/8830/8120/8200/8310/83208900/9000)
Customer have to download MFI for the following models from download tool and put in below folder
Copy to C:\Program Files (x86)\GSM-FINDER Dongle Version
Download path(/-FREE-/GSM-FINDER Dongle Version/MFI/)

Download tool :
Added 1882 Nokia service manuals (HOME/Service_Manual/NOKIA)
Added Setup files in free folder (/-FREE-/GSM-FINDER Dongle Version/)

Other updates :
Update button added - now users can click in exe and update the exe
Mfi and sfi re-uploading to fix mfi wrong file config 
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