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Friday, August 2, 2013


Here some new in volcano box version

Solved - Server not found
Solved - Invalid License Data
Improved - Communication Speed
Improved - Server Load

How to solve Invalid License Data ?

Click here to download this file
Make it Unrar
Double click on it ( Make sure to run it only 1 or 2 times )
after run Volcanobox
Problem should be Solved !!

How to Solve 
Box not found in 
& which was compromised on 2.2.1 & Which was working fine on 2.1.9

This update have all contents from 2.2.1

* Added SPD 6820/8810 Android Read Flash (1st Read info then write Flash !!)
* Added SPD 6820/8810 Android Write Flash (**BETA Don't write on Working phones can harm your phone)
* Added SPD 6531 Read Info
* Added SPD 6531 Read Flash
* Added SPD 6531 Format (for safety recommendations please backup data first, then load file to format)
* Added SPD 6531 Write Flash
* Added SPD 6531 Find Password

* SPD 6820/8810 new flash ic added
* MTK Andriod Write added new algorithm
* Adjust MTK Andriod change IMEI new algorithm,solve some imei lost after reset factory
* Adjust SPD Andriod ADB Read partition
* Adjust SPD Andriod Root and Format
* Added 625a imei repair meta mode ( software can show nothing but infact imei repaired in phone )
* Added Round 102 new Firmware for Root
* Added Round 123 new Frimware for format

* Always Readinfo 1st then do Format
* Always do MTK Android AUTO format
* Do not Customize MTK Android phones
* No need anymore registration
* Firmware update
* Must Connected to internet before you run it 1st time !!

Please have a look this thread-----------
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