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Monday, September 9, 2013

ASANSAM DONGLE NEW VERSION 2.3.4 (S4 i9500 repaired no network)

Asansam dongle Ver 2.3.4 now Released

if not Register To Network

specially for Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500)


Without Use S imei


The process how to repair no network of this handset specially
* first step to open asansam software
* Then Select model via type
* after that goto android service
* then select repair i9500 no network
* then select usb cable to phone and wait for 20 sec (but it need rooting first)
* then select interface port in setting
* & Press do it button
* wait for finish step1
* & now Connect uart cable to phone now- rj45 s7070
*Wait for finish step2
--------its done and repaired successfully
Prepairing ...OK
Device Found!
Checking Root ...OK
Phone Root OK. Continue..
Prepairing Phone ...Done!
Rebooting... OK!

Now Remove USB Cable and Wait Phone Powering Up Completely (Media Scanners Passed) Then insert UART cable to Phone to Continue

Waiting for Phone...
Searching for phone on COM71 ... Phone Found
Reading Data from phone...

Verifying ... OK
Prepairing ... OK
Repairing Network... OK OK
Reset Done!
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