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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

HWK/UFSx box version latest


Dear, Now here is the most latest update client  for UFS, HWK BOX, just download this latest software and follow the exact instructions as described

1. First of all, uninstall all previous and old versions of hwk suite before installing this new support suite setup

2. Then install , new ufs support suite control pannel

3. Connect now your hwk box before running the ufsx control panel

4. Then run this control panel and select the hardware tab

5. Now click the check box option, it will automatically detect your ufs/hwk box and install the new usb drivers,

6.  When support gets ok, then click the update box, it will update to latest suite

7.  After that go to software tab, and click the check server option, as server gets ok and gives you alot of softwares and drivers list to be installed

8.  Finally, click the install option , and wait untill it finish all the necessary things. and it will automaticaly restarts after completed.

9.  Now your box is ready to use, enjoy

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