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Saturday, September 7, 2013


Brother, LG TOOL is also not behind now, it giving alot of features and new model supports every week almost, along with htc handsets like
HTC One S, Ville - new features
* Repair IMEI
* Change CID

LG E440, E440F, E440G, E445 
 new supported moidels! 

*Read/Repair IMEI
 *Read/Repair bluetooth
*Read unlock codes
* Unlock
* Dump/flash security area

LG P920 - new features

cp part can be flashed in download mode

New for LGTOOL online remote services by code

Alcatel 1010X, 1011A, 1011D, 1012X, 1030A, 1030D, 1030X, 2000X,
2001X, 2005A, 2005D, 2005X, 3000G, 3000X, 870A, 870FA, 870X,
871A, 875T, 902A, 902X, 975Y, A382G, A392G, C995, I210, I310, 3001G, 3002G, 3003G,
3040D, 3040G, 3041D, 3041G, 3142G, 382X, 4012A,
 4012X, 4033D,4033X, 510A, 6040D, 655WX, 655X, 7025D, 7025X, 768T, 8000A,
8000D, 8008D, 8008W, 8008X, 815DG, 815G,
J100, J330, M665X,
 MS4B, S520, S950, Y710D, 1010D
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