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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


download micromax A75 flash tool and file

Dear here is the tested original flash tool and file of micromax A75 handset, First of all put the handset into the download mode by pressing volume keys, and then install its required drivers.. after that put flash file in the tool and press start button to flash, your pattern lock or any software problem will be solved by this process

download micromax A75 flash tool and file


download hwk new support suite

First of all you have to uninstall old HWK Setup Suite and HWK Support Suite and use the new UFSx Support Suite download link is here


1. Uninstall ALL previous versions, you MUST uninstall HWK Suite BEFORE trying to uninstall HWK Support Suite Setup.
2. Install UFSx Support Suite Setup
3. Connect your UFSx+HWK before running the UFSx Control Panel
4. Run UFSx Control Panel
5. Switch to the "Hardware" Tab
6. If you only have one UFSx connected it will be selected, if more than one, select the check box next to the required UFSx. You can click "Scan Boxes" to refresh the list if you have connected further boxes since opening the Control Panel
7. Click "Check Box"
8. Click "Update Box"
9. Click "Check Box" - Make sure "Box Status" = "True" or "Bad Software" and "Server Status" = "Support Ok", before proceeding
10. Switch to the "Software" Tab
11. Amend "Application Install Path" and/or "Nokia Install Path", if required.
12. Click "Check Server"
13. Click "Install"
14. If you have more than 1 UFSx+HWK run steps 5-13 for each UFSx+HWK (NOTE: You must install something at step 13)

New features added are

1. BB5 RAPU Based Products USB Flashing / UI support added:
RM-884 (302)
2. DCT4 INFINEON Based Products Flashing / UI support added:
(105,210,.. 210,107,106)
3. Added HiBauds (up to 3Mbaud) on UFST Box, for Infineon
XG101 and XG110 Platforms.
4. DCT4 MTK Based Products UI support added:
RM-944,RM-945 (108)
5. Windows8 64bit support.


E1260B,E1260L added (PUNL,PIM,FL)
E1265,E2262 added (UNL,SECT,IM,FL)
C3322i,C3590,C3592 added (CUNL,PUNL,PIM,FL,UFL)
HiBauds(3 Mbaud) added for XMM1100, XMM2150, XMM2230, XMM2250
Platforms, on UFST Box Only.
More Products added, UFST only, see separate Document.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Idea Alcatel Aurus 3 remove pattern lock

idea hard reset done Aurus 3

Dear, just first take out the phone's battery, sim - card and memory card.
then after 10 seconds put the battery back into the phone.
- Then press and hold volume down + power keys till it shows factory test tool
- After that, select emmc option, use volume key to select.
- Use power key to confirm the operation
- after performing the hard reset and select reboot system

Monday, October 21, 2013


remove pattern lock of lenovo s880
hard reset of lenovo handset s880

Dear, this handset can also get hard reset by just pressing these keys below as follows

- Just first switch off your mobile and re insert the battery
- Then, after fews seconds press & hold volume up and power keys together less than10 seconds
- Then the warning will appear on the display
- Then just select clear emmc option  by volume keys
- After that to confirm the operation press volume down button
-  After done the hard reset, select reboot

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Download infinity best tool version 1.73

USB flashing improved
WP7x : Added "Reset EFS" enable/disable option
It make EFS restore after flashing (Reset SimLock (RELOCK), Counter)

Service operations improved
 Lumia WP7x SimLock info (Lock state/Operator) released
 Asha OS LifeTimed Read/Reset/Edit released
 XG223 RPL operations improved: Factory RPL/Backup mode handling. Require to write RPL from "dead" mode
XG213 RPL operations improved

 User Data operations improved
 SMS extraction for Lumia WP7x released (from image)
 Phonebook extraction for Lumia WP7x released (from image)
Extraction is under test and remote for now (take some time)

 Navi Updated
Added latest firmwares for Asha and Lumia phones

Download here

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Well, dear to unlock your huawei tab, here is the tested solution now for alot of versions. 

PACK 7 of this software is simply the most famous unlocking software for Huawei Android phones and tablets, that are Dedicated module specially built for Huawei phones and tablets.
Unlocking and repairing are made easy for professional unlockers.
Huawei Android Unlocker allows you different operations on Huawei phones and tablets such as UNLOCK, REPAIR, READ BOOTLOADER CODE, UNLOCK/LOCK BOOTLOADER, ERASE USER DATA.
Unlimited quantity of unlocking. Exclusive and regular updates.
Here are the models that are supported on this tool

Direct unlock is available for Huawei IDEOS MediaPads :

1   Huawei IDEOS S7
2   Huawei IDEOS S7-101
3   Huawei IDEOS S7-103
4  Huawei IDEOS S7-104
5  Huawei IDEOS S7-105
6  Huawei IDEOS S7-106
just press to enter download mode: hold 'volume+' + 'Back button' and press shortly the 'power' button for these above models and for these below models

Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim:
Huawei IDEOS S7-101 ver.B
Huawei IDEOS S7-201u
Huawei IDEOS S7-201w

Enter download mode: 'vol+' + 'vol-' and press shortly 'power'

Download here below

Monday, October 7, 2013


Dear, here is the solution tested how to remove the pattern lock of XOLO Q800 handset, by just pressing some keys , so the first step is to just

- press & hold the volume up and power key buttons
- Then recovery menu will display on the screen
- Then just select wipe data/ factory reset by using these keys, use the power button to select
- Select yes button to delete all user data from the phone
- Now select the reboot system now and its done

This handset supports fm radio, wifi, 3g, 4gb onboard memory, 2100 mah battery and 8 megapixel camera


This box is getting amazing time by time and giving alot of features. Well, it has added fastboot mode flashing, fastboot mode data flashing, boot flashing, recovery flashing, system flashing, updating & more.

Download here

Friday, October 4, 2013

Samsung new pattern unlocker without data loss

Samsung new pattern unlocker without user data loss

well dear, here is now the ultimate samsung pattern & too many wrong attempts unlocker by which samsung as well as some other android phones can easily get ok, there is no need of rooting or not even usb debugging function to be on. Just by some easy steps, in can be solved .

Just open this tool and attach your handset with usb data cable. after installing few drivers just login first and scan ports, now the tool is activated to do the operations, now just see your modem port is there, then go to the pattern lock tool tab, and there you see the options
1. read info - by which we read the handset information and it will confirm that handset is properly attached or not
2. check pattern lock - by this feature we can check pattern lock of our locked handset
3. remove password lock- by clicking this handset password will be removed.
4. remove pin /gmail - well, by this we can remove too many wrong attempts locked.
here is the file

Download samsung pattern unlock tool 
Samsung unlocker by

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sony Xperia J st26i hard reset done - CLICK

Sony xperia J pattern lock removed
how to hard reset/ factory reset sony xperia st26i to remove pattern lock

It is very easy but some tricky to sought out this problem, friends ever you get stuck on any pattern lock in this handset, just see the steps and pictures carefully and follow them.

First, your handset battery backup must be atleast more than 50% charged, Then first of all just take your backup important data like contacts, sms, email, images, even take out your simcard and memory card also, because after hard reset, data recovery is not possible. So, now just see the emergency call option displaying on your handset as phone is stuck on pattern lock. click on emergency call

Then just type this code and some options will display

Then three options are here i.e. service settings, service tests, customization settings, but to hard reset we have to click on customization settings, After that reset customization and done , phone will get reboot and unlock done.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Micromax A92 remove pattern lock
micromax A92 hard reset done
Micromax Canvas 2 hard reset

Dear nowadays in Android market, micromax place the first position in launching the canvas handset with os many great features, but by any reason or by mistake your handset get locked to pattern or stuck on google email for so many wrong attempts, just now try to Hard reset the Phone, you will only find the solution here, because this is the tested solution on this handset.

First of all switch off your handset and then press Volume+ and Volume- keys along with Power Key, after few seconds when handset logo power on just release the power key, you will see the two options there, one is recovery mode, and 2nd is factory mode, then just press the volume keys to select that option, then press the power key once to open or confirm it, after then there will alot of options displayed to hardreset the handset, just press the option wipe data by pressing the two touch keys simultaneously twice time one by one, i.e. menu touch key and home touch key, then option will come yes to delete all user data, then again select by vol up and down keys and select by pressing twice the touch keys menu & home keys. and reboot the handset, enjoy

Micromax A34 handset hard reset done

Download this solution to remove pattern lock

Dear here is also the tested solution for this handset that is micromax a34 to remove pattern lock or too many wrong attempts. So, for this just follow this and get rid of this problem.

First of all just connect handset with good datacable, then install all its correct drivers, then open the multi android tool and put usb with power on set, then wait for some time until drivers get installed properly, Then press the option 5 for wipe data/factory reset, then the phone will get restart and pattern lock is removed now, but by any means handset not attached with this procedure, then you have to find the way to put handset into the fastboot mode and then to press the option 8.
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