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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Well, dear to unlock your huawei tab, here is the tested solution now for alot of versions. 

PACK 7 of this software is simply the most famous unlocking software for Huawei Android phones and tablets, that are Dedicated module specially built for Huawei phones and tablets.
Unlocking and repairing are made easy for professional unlockers.
Huawei Android Unlocker allows you different operations on Huawei phones and tablets such as UNLOCK, REPAIR, READ BOOTLOADER CODE, UNLOCK/LOCK BOOTLOADER, ERASE USER DATA.
Unlimited quantity of unlocking. Exclusive and regular updates.
Here are the models that are supported on this tool

Direct unlock is available for Huawei IDEOS MediaPads :

1   Huawei IDEOS S7
2   Huawei IDEOS S7-101
3   Huawei IDEOS S7-103
4  Huawei IDEOS S7-104
5  Huawei IDEOS S7-105
6  Huawei IDEOS S7-106
just press to enter download mode: hold 'volume+' + 'Back button' and press shortly the 'power' button for these above models and for these below models

Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim:
Huawei IDEOS S7-101 ver.B
Huawei IDEOS S7-201u
Huawei IDEOS S7-201w

Enter download mode: 'vol+' + 'vol-' and press shortly 'power'

Download here below

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