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Friday, October 4, 2013

Samsung new pattern unlocker without data loss

Samsung new pattern unlocker without user data loss

well dear, here is now the ultimate samsung pattern & too many wrong attempts unlocker by which samsung as well as some other android phones can easily get ok, there is no need of rooting or not even usb debugging function to be on. Just by some easy steps, in can be solved .

Just open this tool and attach your handset with usb data cable. after installing few drivers just login first and scan ports, now the tool is activated to do the operations, now just see your modem port is there, then go to the pattern lock tool tab, and there you see the options
1. read info - by which we read the handset information and it will confirm that handset is properly attached or not
2. check pattern lock - by this feature we can check pattern lock of our locked handset
3. remove password lock- by clicking this handset password will be removed.
4. remove pin /gmail - well, by this we can remove too many wrong attempts locked.
here is the file

Download samsung pattern unlock tool 
Samsung unlocker by

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