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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sony Xperia J st26i hard reset done - CLICK

Sony xperia J pattern lock removed
how to hard reset/ factory reset sony xperia st26i to remove pattern lock

It is very easy but some tricky to sought out this problem, friends ever you get stuck on any pattern lock in this handset, just see the steps and pictures carefully and follow them.

First, your handset battery backup must be atleast more than 50% charged, Then first of all just take your backup important data like contacts, sms, email, images, even take out your simcard and memory card also, because after hard reset, data recovery is not possible. So, now just see the emergency call option displaying on your handset as phone is stuck on pattern lock. click on emergency call

Then just type this code and some options will display

Then three options are here i.e. service settings, service tests, customization settings, but to hard reset we have to click on customization settings, After that reset customization and done , phone will get reboot and unlock done.

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