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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Dear here the infinity team has launched recentely one more new version 1.75 of the BEST dongle, USB flashing improved
- MTK6250S Nokia support released, World First !
-- MTx: Normal/Dead mode flashing supported
-- MTx: Only NMP original secured files supported
-- MTx: Flash Modes : "FullFlash" and "Language Change"
- XG213 flashing revised
- XG223 flashing revised
- WP8x flashing revised

- Service operations improved
- MTx: Added "Factory Settings" operation
-- Reset phone to factory defaults
-- Clear Lock Code
-- Clear UserData
- MTx: Added "Factory Flash" operation
-- Read phone FlashMemory (FullFlash)
-- Read Phone Security (backup)
- MTx: Added ReadInfo (Read firmware info/Lock status)

- User Data operations improved
- BB5/XGOLD: Improved PhoneBook extraction on some new firmwares

- Navi Manager updated
-- Stability improvements
- Navi Database updated
-- Added all latest Asha , WP8x , MTKx firmwares
Download infinity best 1.75

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