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Thursday, January 23, 2014


Infinity best dongle 1.79 update - download
- USB flashing improved
- MeeGo:
HW initialization Verify supported
Modem (CMT) Downgrade Verify supported
Error Handling improved
Battery charging during flash supported
- XG618/XG223 Flashing revised
- Service operations improved
MeeGo: WIPE option revised
MTKx: Security/CBR verification during FlashRead (Verify Phone Security)
WP7x: SimLock info revised

- Navi Manager updated
Improved "Open Product" option
eMMC files checking revised
- Navi Database updated
Included all latest Asha , WP8x , MTKx firmwares
Included "Lumia Black" (GDR3) update for some WP8x models
New Products included:
XG: RM-951 Asha 501.2(DS)(Aqua)
WP: RM-994 Lumia 1320 (BATMAN Global)
WP: RM-996 Lumia 1320 (BATMAN HSPA)

- User Data operations improved
- Released MMC password extraction from fullflash image for Symbian 9.x generation phones (9.1-9.4)
- Multiple passwords extraction improved
- MMC password extraction from XG213 for Read RPL, Read Flash, Flashing improved
- WP7x: support for Lumia 900: User Data extraction, Phonebook and SMS extraction improved
- WP7x: support for "big" data storage (10k+ SMS / 2k+ PhoneBook records) extraction released
- XG110: Forensic extraction revised

- xCntTool updated
- Improved and tested support of all latest XG products
- MeeGo image re-build improved
- XG110 FlashFile creation (Nk105/Nk106) improved - support more PPM variants

- Other
- QIMING (Pure XG223) test support (flashing)
- Arabic FW for Nokia 105 uploaded to support area
- Stuff Files updated
- Ini updated and revised
- Other BugFixes

Infinity best dongle 1.79 update - download

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