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Friday, February 7, 2014

Infinity best dongle - new version released 1.81- Download

Infinity best dongle - new version released 1.81- Download

AshaOS Update

- USB flashing improved
-- XG221 Flashing revised
-- XG223 Flashing revised
-- Added PPM_ID verify during XG223 [AshaOS] flashing (do not allow to kill phone by wrong PPM)
- Service operations improved
-- Flash Read feature fully revised on all generations
-- XG221: Flash Read (FullFlash) Released
-- XG221: RPL operations improved
-- XG221: FullRPL extraction (Even Fully Dead Phone)
-- XG223 AshaOS: Read PPM_ID info during Read RPL released

- UserData operations improved
- XG221 UserData extraction from Dump released (Select : XGold221)
- XG221: Support UserData (Gallery) extraction for now

- New feature : Asha OS PPM info (NaviManager Tab)
- Allow to verify current PPM_ID and select another one for de-brand phone without damage
- Allow to find PPM for revive `dead` phone killed by wrong flashing
Supported products:
RM-899;Asha 501[SS]
RM-900;Asha 501[DS]
RM-902;Asha 501[DS]
RM-921;Asha 502[DS]
RM-951;Asha 501[DS]
You can only install same or newer ID with any product code
- Navi Database updated
Included all latest Asha , WP8x , MTKx firmwares
Included `Lumia Black` (GDR3) update for some WP8x models

New Product supported:
RM-973: Asha 500[SS]
its good update came- just download 

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