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Monday, October 8, 2018

Huawei E5573 609 latest firmware version 21.329 unlock here

Huawei E5573 609 latest firmware version 21.329  unlock here without open any screws

 We will Do remotely also at good price 

1. First check your Device information by login to , put admin in login and password or you can check with dc unlocker tool by connecting usb datacable

2. Then check in settings , left side device information and tell us its firmware version or send screenshot on our whatsapp number  +919878025129

3. Then download anydesk remote software on your pc and be ready to unlock the device with us 

You can pay small amount of Rs. 400 on our paytm number or can do bank transfer also 

Thanks and Regards

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Redmi Mi account of Y2, S2, Note 5 pro done 100% tested solution EDL mode

Redmi Mi account of Y2, S2, Note 5 pro done 100% tested solution EDL mode

Monday, August 13, 2018

New website launched - All mobile software and hardware tools

Friday, June 22, 2018

All smartphone Mobile ics available , plz call or visit

All mobile chipset IC Available      BRAND NEW TESTED

🔻Redmi Note 3 Charging IC
🔻Redmi Note 4 Charging IC
🔻Redmi Note 3 Ringer IC
🔻Redmi Note 4 Ringer IC
🔻Samsung J2/J5/J7 Charging IC
🔻Redmi Note 3 RF7460 amplifier IC
🔻Samsung S7/S7 Age MAX98506BEWV IC
🔻Samsung Power IC PM8004
🔻Samsung J710F Power Small MU005X02 IC
👉🏻Quallcom Power IC
👉🏻Oppo SMB345 IC
👉🏻Oppo Charging BQ24188 IC
👉🏻Oppo Light 65132AO IC
👉🏻Samsung J5/A5/A7 Wifi WCN3620 IC
🔻iphone 8 8 plus tegres ic sn2501
🔻i phone 8 8plus wi fi ic
🔻iphone x tegres ic
🔻Samsung S7/S7 Charging NAX98506BEWV IC
🔻Xiaomi Charging SMB1357 IC
🔻Nexus/Moto Audio TFA9890 IC
🔻iPhone 6G MP67B/C338Z1/1415E IC
🔻Iphone 6/6 Plus USB Charging U1401/SN240080 IC
🔻iPhone 6G/6 Plus U1502 IC
👉🏻Iphone 6S USb 35Pin SM2400A80  IC
🔻iPhone 6S Medium Audio U_WTR_RF_WTR3925  IC
🔻Iphone 6S Power Small PMD9635 IC
🔻Iphone 6S Cemra 64A1 IC
👉🏻Iphone 6S/6S Plus USB Charging 68827 IC
🔻Iphone 7/7 Plus Home Button U10 IC
👉🏻Iphone 5S to 7 Plus Display 65730AOP IC
👉🏻Iphone 7/ 7 Plus Small Audoi 338S00220 IC
👉🏻Iphone 7 Flash Cemra M2600 IC
🔻Iphone 7/ Touch M2800 IC
👉🏻Iphone 7 Plus Touch M2800 IC
👉🏻Iphone 8 to 8 Plus Charging SN2501/1612A1 IC
🔻Iphone 8/8 Plus Power PMD9655 IC
Iphone 8/8 Plus Small Audio U4700/338S00295 IC
Iphone 8/8 Plus Big Audio 338S00248 IC
Iphone 8/8 Plus Power Big 338S00309 IC
Iphone 6 to 6S Plus Backlight U1503/3638 IC
iPhone 6G U1400 IC
Redmi Note 3 Audio IC
Ipad Air2 Wifi IC 251
6SWTR 3925
Ip 5STouch Connector
Ip 6 Graphic IC (U1501)
Ip 6 Light Coil
Ip 6 Light Diode
Ip 6Plus Graphic IC
Ip 6SDisplay Connector
Iphone 6SLight Coil
Iphone 6SLight IC
Iphone 6SSilver Doide
Iphone 7 Trigris
Iphone 6 Batt Connector
338S00220(i7 Small Audio IC)
J710 charging ic(mu005x-01-02)005x02
J5 Charging/UsbIc
j7 Power ic(second )
J7next/J7prime power ic
iphone 6s tegres ic
sam j210f power ic
s8plus charging ic
Iphone 6 tegries ic
Nand chip 7 128gb
nand cgip 6s 128gb
Nand Chip 5S 16GB [Fresh]
Nand Chip 6G 16GB [Fresh]
Easy Charging  + Light Chip
Nand chip iphone 6 128

Can contact at Pawan sharma  Mob. no. 7307909000 or 9878025129 (whatsapp no. )

Friday, April 6, 2018

Huawei Airtel B310s-927 Wifi Router available

Huawei Airtel B310s-927 Wifi LTE CPE Router available 



Voice call also work with 1 year manufacturer warranty

HUAWEI LTE CPE Support 4G, 3G, 2G network

This device / router can also be used to install cctv cameras, DVR etc
Technical specifications

  • 4G LTE CPE category
  • Supports LTE TDD/FDD, LTE Cat4
  • Supports LTE 2*2 MIMO
  • Supports Wi-fi 802.22b/g/n, upto  32 users connected simultaneously, intelligent Wi-Fi interference elimination algorithm, 200 meters coverage (LOS: Line of Sight)
  • Support VPN Pass- through, convinient for small enterprise to set up private network
  • Use smart phone or tablets to download huawei Hilink app to manage the CPE more conveniently (Apple store, google play or Hicloud for free download )
  • 1 Gigabit ethernet port & 1 Telephone port to support data service and voice service
  • Enjoy 4G even on non  4G devices 
  • Make your whole home WiFi
  • 3G TD-SCDMA B34/39
  • LTE Download speed to 150mbps, upload speed to 50Mbps
  • WiFi 802.11b/g/n, Wireless speed to 300Mbps
  • Two connectors for external antennas (not included)
  • Dimensions: 181.0mm x 126.0mm x 70.0mm
  • Weight: about 600 g
Package Include

  1. 1 x Lte Cpe 4g wifi router 
  2. 1 x Lan cable
  3. 1 x 12volt 2.0 Amp Adapter original 
  4. User manual

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

EFT dongle to remove samsung, Android handsets mediatek, spreadtrum & Qualcomm cpu frp gmail id lock

Download here

EFT dongle to remove samsung, Android handsets mediatek, spreadtrum & Qualcomm cpu  frp gmail id lock 

Powered by Easy firmware

TO BUY - CAN     WHATSAPP     ON      9878025129


EFT Dongle New Update 17/02/2018Software V1.3.1What is New ?EFT Dongle Version 1.3.1 Is Released:[NEW EXCLUSIVE] Added Make Recovery To Remove MDM/KNOX Security (FRP OFF | OEM OFF) (Without Damage DM-Verity)
[NEW] Without Root Added Backup/Restore Android Device data (Including Full Internal Storage & All Apps & contacts & Apps's data - Not Including Accounts Data Like Phone Number Or Email)
[UPDATE] Supported Secure Boot MTK Devices For Flashing

Notice about Backup feature. 
It is Done without Root.
We only activate adb and then connect Device to Dongle . 
Please notice that after the back-up of applications, names and internal storage and when the application data backup starts, the dongle will ask to open and illuminate the screen of the device. 
We do this and we do not press any option since the dongle is programmed to do the operation automatically .. 
The backup can be restored to any other device and not necessarily from the same model or brand. 
To restore the backup also please give attention when the dongle asks you to illuminate the screen, do so and do not press anything because the dongle will perform the process automatically. 
It will choose the required permissions to copy the names and application data automatically and you only enjoy looking at our best products 
It is also worth mentioning that this feature pulls the settings of the applications each one separately, such as Sound level and ring tone and even OEM Settings !
As for the internal storage, the entire contents of the storage are backed-up regardless of the name, size or contents. 
This is done directly from device to computer. 
If the phone storage is full 100% , the Backup process will be successful without any problems.
At the end of the process, the files are compiled with a tar file and can be extracted and browsed!

Download here
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