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Friday, June 22, 2018

All smartphone Mobile ics available , plz call or visit

All mobile chipset IC Available      BRAND NEW TESTED

🔻Redmi Note 3 Charging IC
🔻Redmi Note 4 Charging IC
🔻Redmi Note 3 Ringer IC
🔻Redmi Note 4 Ringer IC
🔻Samsung J2/J5/J7 Charging IC
🔻Redmi Note 3 RF7460 amplifier IC
🔻Samsung S7/S7 Age MAX98506BEWV IC
🔻Samsung Power IC PM8004
🔻Samsung J710F Power Small MU005X02 IC
👉🏻Quallcom Power IC
👉🏻Oppo SMB345 IC
👉🏻Oppo Charging BQ24188 IC
👉🏻Oppo Light 65132AO IC
👉🏻Samsung J5/A5/A7 Wifi WCN3620 IC
🔻iphone 8 8 plus tegres ic sn2501
🔻i phone 8 8plus wi fi ic
🔻iphone x tegres ic
🔻Samsung S7/S7 Charging NAX98506BEWV IC
🔻Xiaomi Charging SMB1357 IC
🔻Nexus/Moto Audio TFA9890 IC
🔻iPhone 6G MP67B/C338Z1/1415E IC
🔻Iphone 6/6 Plus USB Charging U1401/SN240080 IC
🔻iPhone 6G/6 Plus U1502 IC
👉🏻Iphone 6S USb 35Pin SM2400A80  IC
🔻iPhone 6S Medium Audio U_WTR_RF_WTR3925  IC
🔻Iphone 6S Power Small PMD9635 IC
🔻Iphone 6S Cemra 64A1 IC
👉🏻Iphone 6S/6S Plus USB Charging 68827 IC
🔻Iphone 7/7 Plus Home Button U10 IC
👉🏻Iphone 5S to 7 Plus Display 65730AOP IC
👉🏻Iphone 7/ 7 Plus Small Audoi 338S00220 IC
👉🏻Iphone 7 Flash Cemra M2600 IC
🔻Iphone 7/ Touch M2800 IC
👉🏻Iphone 7 Plus Touch M2800 IC
👉🏻Iphone 8 to 8 Plus Charging SN2501/1612A1 IC
🔻Iphone 8/8 Plus Power PMD9655 IC
Iphone 8/8 Plus Small Audio U4700/338S00295 IC
Iphone 8/8 Plus Big Audio 338S00248 IC
Iphone 8/8 Plus Power Big 338S00309 IC
Iphone 6 to 6S Plus Backlight U1503/3638 IC
iPhone 6G U1400 IC
Redmi Note 3 Audio IC
Ipad Air2 Wifi IC 251
6SWTR 3925
Ip 5STouch Connector
Ip 6 Graphic IC (U1501)
Ip 6 Light Coil
Ip 6 Light Diode
Ip 6Plus Graphic IC
Ip 6SDisplay Connector
Iphone 6SLight Coil
Iphone 6SLight IC
Iphone 6SSilver Doide
Iphone 7 Trigris
Iphone 6 Batt Connector
338S00220(i7 Small Audio IC)
J710 charging ic(mu005x-01-02)005x02
J5 Charging/UsbIc
j7 Power ic(second )
J7next/J7prime power ic
iphone 6s tegres ic
sam j210f power ic
s8plus charging ic
Iphone 6 tegries ic
Nand chip 7 128gb
nand cgip 6s 128gb
Nand Chip 5S 16GB [Fresh]
Nand Chip 6G 16GB [Fresh]
Easy Charging  + Light Chip
Nand chip iphone 6 128

Can contact at Pawan sharma  Mob. no. 7307909000 or 9878025129 (whatsapp no. )

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