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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Aronet Domino Funny Train Choco Filling Dominos in The Rails - Battery Operated with Lights and Sounds Construction and Stacking Toy for Kids with 60 Multicolor Plastic Domino Tiles


About this item

  • Its Super fun for your kids to play! Push one and watch the chain effect of the dominoes tumbling over like a race. See whose domino row runs down to the end fastest
  • Domino Train Blocks Set is made of high quality plastic which is, no BPA or any other harmful substances.
  • Put the dominoes into the card clip and then put it on the train. The train will move forward and lay dominoes automatically while twisting left and right slowly. Our Domino Train Blocks Set can develop children's athletic ability, color cognitive ability, teamwork ability.
  • Playing Domino Blocks Train can promote the relationship between parents and children during the playing.

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